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1st February 1970


Kilauea Community

Aloha living beings operating privately in conscious community of Kilauea.

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The time has come for we angelic faeries and [mankind] to build our new reality. The appropriate energetic templates have been emplaced, now we get to play together!



As we continue to ascend, to build and dwell in new-Gaia, we are compelled to cognize in what ways we are still perceived to be in old-Gaia, and that is quickly followed by the necessity of informing old-Gaia citizens that we are not, by choice, in their reality.

[Lemurian-Atlantian TimeLine]

The history of the invocation of Faery Reality and 8D Angelic Crystal Faeries Ascension Portals on Kaua'i:

celeste:crystalfaery; General Post Office; Keneke Street - 1; Kilauea; Kaua'i; United States Minor, Outlying Islands
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