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1st February 1970

8D Angelic Crystal Faeries Ascension Portal - Why

[Like glistening dust on fairy wings, little girls dreams are made of magical things.]

The purpose of the duality experiment was to explore all possible choices and their motivations and consequences. This is a school for training creator gods in the use of their free-will. The primary lesson is ahimsa.
Gaia-Sophia has finally risen enough in frequency that there is again the possibility of reuniting [mankind] and Faery worlds. The Fae did not chose to fall with [mankind], so now that at least part of [mankind] is coming out of darkness and lower vibrations, the lower part of the Fae realm and the upper part of the [mankind] realm finally are close enough in vibration to build a rainbow bridge... the 8D to 4D portal. The first place this was possible was on Kaua'i. The first time it could be created in sustainable form was at the 2012-12-21 energetic gateway, after we previously initiated a connection during the 2011-11-11 gateway. Here on this page we address the history and tradition of Fae as [mankind] has perceived it, whereas our new information is of The Crystal Faeries and occupies the rest of our realm.

Created to facilitate ascension, 8D Angelic Crystal Faeries Ascension Portals link 8D ascended truth down to 4D. That was the genesis of my new focus, now expressed here.

Unique Purity of Love

i have been very blessed to meet a number of beings who carry the energy of the Fae realm, where, i myself also feel affinity with such energies, and therefore enjoy exploring such. One such encounter made me aware in an entirely new way, of a quality of soul and spirit which, i had previously not encountered or noticed, in more than two decades of psychically reading others. This particular Fae spirit was the first I'd ever seen who carried this quality of energy, so, it may be uniquely hers, rather than an attribute of the Fae realm, and yet, for whatever reason, she is also carrying Fae energies.

Seeing her in depth, has been transformative for me, for which i have much appreciation. By letting me see her fully, she gave me a precious gift.

The words purity and innocence begin to touch on the quality. If it was relevant for either of us, I'd have seen the why, the how, the history behind her present essence, but that seems to be completely irrelevant, the important thing is who she already is. Many of us experience a memory wipe for our incarnations, start afresh. She had said several times that she was a novice, a beginner. Some of my spiritual teachers would say that is the best place to be. i say that she is the most advanced master i have ever seen, for i know nothing higher than love, and I've seen none purer than hers.

fairy (n.)

c. 1300, fairie, "the country or home of supernatural or legendary creatures; fairyland," also "something incredible or fictitious," from Old French faerie "land of fairies, meeting of fairies; enchantment, magic, witchcraft, sorcery" (12c.), from fae "fay," from Latin fata "the Fates," plural of fatum "that which is ordained; destiny, fate," from PIE root *bha- (2) "to speak, tell, say." Also compare fate (n.), also fay.

But that was before Tolkien. As a type of supernatural being from late 14c. [contra Tolkien; for example "This maketh that ther been no fairyes" in "Wife of Bath's Tale"], perhaps via intermediate forms such as fairie knight "supernatural or legendary knight" (c. 1300), as in Spenser, where faeries are heroic and [mankind]-sized. As a name for the diminutive winged beings in children's stories from early 17c.

Yet I suspect that this flower-and-butterfly minuteness was also a product of "rationalization," which transformed the glamour of Elfland into mere finesse, and invisibility into a fragility that could hide in a cowslip or shrink behind a blade of grass. It seems to become fashionable soon after the great voyages had begun to make the world seem too narrow to hold both men and elves; when the magic land of Hy Breasail in the West had become the mere Brazils, the land of red-dye-wood. [J.R.R. Tolkien, "On Fairy-Stories," 1947]

Hence, figurative adjective use in reference to lightness, fineness, delicacy. Slang meaning "effeminate male homosexual" is recorded by 1895. Fairy ring, of certain fungi in grass fields (as we would explain it now), is from 1590s. Fairy godmother attested from 1820. Fossil Cretaceous sea urchins found on the English downlands were called fairy loaves, and a book from 1787 reports that "country people" in England called the stones of the old Roman roads fairy pavements.

The Realm of Fae

Much of the Fae realm is very related with the realm of nature. My own names, training, and focus have always been and remain, "of the celestial realms". Yet, my shamanic trainings embraced the realms of nature and elementals with an attitude of reverence and gratitude. We have seen through the experiment of "The Findhorn Experience", that our attuning with the forces and spirits of the natural realm, is beneficial for all.

Fairy vs. faerie -- which is the correct spelling?
As others have noted, fairy is the standard modern spelling, and faerie is a pseudo-archaism.
However, in some contexts there is now a semantic distinction between the two spellings!
In particular, fairy tales and the associated idea of fairies typically refer to the genre of folk stories printed by the Brothers Grimm, then sweetened and popularized for modern audiences by Disney et al.
Faerie stories, on the other hand, are stories about the fae: otherworldly, unpredictable, and sometimes seen as dangerous creatures who appear in the folk-tales and myths of England and Ireland.
In origin, of course, the fairies and the fae are one and the same, but the connotations and usage of the words today are headed in opposite directions.


A world wide web image search for fairy vs. faerie shows a lot of overlap, but some very significant differences in tone and content between the two terms. Note that the search for "fairy" turns up a number of simple cartoon drawings and classical, idealized figures, while "faerie" is more associated with non-[mankind] or sexualized figures.


"Elemental Kingdom:
The Elemental realm can be found on the fourth dimension of Gaia's consciousness. These beings are generally cautious, [tending] to avoid direct contact with [mankind] in the 3rd dimension due to [mankind]'s destructive nature. The elemental realm is made up of a vast array of "mythological" beings and creatures such as Devas, Dragons, Faeries, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Mermaids, Pixies, Salamanders, Sprites, Sylphs, Undines, Unicorns, Werewolves, etc.
Elementals can actually take on whatever form they wish, and can be found wherever there is life on Gaia. These beings are strongly connected to nature and work to ensure the balance is maintained. They tend to be very funny, playful and mischievous. Some of these beings are also incarnating onto Gaia plane, much like the starseeds, in order to effect positive changes with regards to our ecosystem [and consciousness]. You can communicate with nature spirits through your intention, and may even sense their presence depending on your intuitive abilities. You could also try interacting with them through your evening dreams or when Astral Travelling."

Fae (per MystHaven's Medieval Role Play):
Fae appear [mankind] in form and stature and are magical creatures who enjoy making mischief although never with malice in mind. They have beautiful wings which they can hide if they choose, afording themselves the ability to fool others into thinking they are indeed [mankind]. They have the gift of flight so there are few places they can not reach. They are good natured and playful. They use their magic for good.
Pixies (per MystHaven's Medieval Role Play):
Pixies are small in stature, childlike in appearance with wings they can not hide. They are mischieveous scamps and trouble makers given the opportunity. They are childlike in their curiosity of all things and have a special ability to communicate with animals, especially horses. They can be malicious if crossed. If bored they will start trouble just for the pure excitement of it.
"Pixies" is alleged a linguistic derivation of "the picts", those who had pictures (e.g. tattoos) on their bodies.
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