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1st April 1970

Our "higher self", (known in some traditions as the "Christ Self"), is our eternal spirit, only a portion of which can "fit into a dualistic body", therefore it fragments a portion of itself as one's "soul", which is then placed in the gold room of the heart chakra of the aetheric body of the incarnation. To whatever extent the incarnate conscious "self" is not accessing its full multidimensional self, thus including its own higher self, it may fail to see, or instead project illusions of belief about the higher realms, including mis-perceptions about its own higher self, the most frequent of which are that aspects of one's higher self are interpreted as "angels", "guides", etc. If we are paying attention to our "spiritual guidance", through a combination of clairvoyance and / or heart's joy, then we effectively serve our higher self to accomplish its will and purpose, the "reasons" it created its incarnation. In this sense we are the puppet of our own higher self, as in: "not mine but thy will be done". Part of the purpose of incarnation, is for the higher self to learn from the experiences of the lower self, which requires fully feeling the emotions about the experiences, and sending those emotions "up" to one's higher self. When the higher self receives such "feedback", it can better care for, nurture, and love its incarnation.

As one accomplishes the divine union of higher and lower self, it may equally be said that:
"one has ascended, (raised), ones consciousness to the level of the higher self",
"one has descended, (incarnated), one's higher self into one's embodiment".
In this state of consciousness, one is the conscious higher self fully present, and there is no separation of consciousness as "higher" versus "lower", there is a single unified consciousness of ones multidimensional self.

In the higher dimensional realm of unity consciousness, the realm of spiritual time-space rather than the embodied space-time, one is also aware of ones union with other eternal spirits, other pieces of the great jigsaw-puzzle of the fragments of god(dess) / all-that-is.
In my own particular case, this involves multiple multi-dimensional incarnations, which we may illusorily call "past" and "future" "lives", and it includes my spiritual "family", the grouping of other "higher selves" / eternal spirits with whom i share the most "cocreated collective reality", where i am tomril of the crystalfaeries.
This is the outcome of "divine union" or "divine marriage", between the higher and lower self.
This is the point of the aphorism: "Know Thyself".


As we ascend our consciousness, we integrate our multidimensional consciousness to fully know all of who we truly are, thereby becoming aware of the realities in which those other aspects of us dwell. In my path of awakening to my 8D family of crystal faeries, i came to comprehend why i trust them so very much, for i am part of their collective consciousness.

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