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1st January 1970
Density / Dimension
the Hermetic teachings of Tehuti can be auditioned while reading...
Density / Dimension is a short-hand notation intended to reference a particular energetic frequency vibration range within the overall "scale" some spiritually oriented folks refer to, based on the concept of 13 Densities / Dimensions. Within this model of "what is", we perceive that "God" / "Goddess" / All-That-Is, also known as "Source", and umpteen other names and descriptions you can search for, the one wholism which contains and is all that is, the great oneness which is so vast that it cannot be confined to or described as or presented as any one name or face, is. The known characteristics of this entity that is all, are that it chose to fragment, so that all of its fragments could create, manifest, and explore all which could be... created, known, manifest, experienced, etc. The individuated spirits which resulted, manifest in lower densities / dimensions, which we have modelled and named variously.
Within this totality, a portion has been segmented as the entire physical universe, which, including the dimensions, are all's hologram.
9th Density is primarily an angelic realm, from which we have observed the Muse source channelled divine music such as that of New-Age composer Bruce Mitchell.
8th Density is the primary realm where the crystal faeries gather, and is the level at which the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals are networked together.
crystal faeries
7th Density is a realm from which many 'healers' operate, e.g. the Reiki beings who control the ethics of the 'Reiki healings' they channel through many initiates. These beings have volunteered to be of service to lower dimensions / densities. Like the Reiki beings, many other traditions of "healers" are operated or steered by beings operating in 7th Density. There are also beings operating from lower vibrational levels performing similar functions.
Crystal Children
6th Density
Crystal Children
5th Density and above is the realm of non-duality, the minimum level of consciousness required to read clairvoyantly, the beginning of the realms of 'ascended' reality, however, there is overlap between truth and illusion here.
4th Density and below is the realm of duality and dichotomy, and is also known as the 'astral realm', 'dreamspace', a realm of emotions and the emotional body, and is interfaced primarily by humans via the center 1/3 of each chakra. It is via this connection that we learn social interaction and trust, while our 3D bodies appear fully separated. A primary lesson is that of Service-To-Others versus Service-To-Self.
Your gut reaction is your third chakra solar plexus awareness of astral dimensions. This is a realm of distortions and illusions, influence from forces of darkness, a place where many aspects of your own shadow side dwell, and the realm of hungry ghosts (vampyric / vampiric entities). It's also the realm of DreamTime.
Maha (Great) Maya (Illusion) is quite prevalent in the Astral planes. The astral dimension contains all the properties of both physical incarnation and spiritual information in a no-time no-space realm of freedom of instant transformation. To escape mahamaya requires transcending lower consciousness and accessing 5D. Most paths involve some kind of prayer or meditation, methods of shifting the consciousness and awareness above the lower dimensions, the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and opening to commune with the higher dimensional spiritual body.
If we reference 3rd Density as the physical world, then the 4th Density is the astral/emotional density, and the 5th Density is the aetheric/spiritual density. The higher densities are upper octaves of aetheric / causal / etc... up through density 11 where we exist the highest as individuals before merging into 1 in the 12th density oneness. In this system the lower density numbers are the most dense, so it's logically upside down. They're really undensities.
The 3rd and 4th densities are full of illusions and distortions. To accomplish Clairvoyant Psychic Reading (Clair=clear voyant=seer) one must shut down the lower density consciousness and rise to at least the 5th density to perceive spiritual truth.
In the 4th density astral realm are found hungry ghosts, ghouls, lost souls who mostly are attached to the physical, i.e. deceased souls who didn't "die right" by releasing the physical, (some don't realize they're deceased), some manifest as apparations or manifest "paranormal phenomena" (including some forms of "UFO"), but mostly have no or weak connections to their individual spirit and/or to the source. Because these entities are not well connected to the Source, they therefore become parasitical, sucking life force energy from those who are connected to source. They therefore tend to hop to the most vulnerable or easiest-to-feed-from host(ess). This haunting and feeding goes on and may affect you even if you don't see at that level and realize they're feeding on you and manipulating you. Once you see at this level you may defend yourself, detach these parasites from someone you are healing, and connect the poor lost souls up to source (give them a healing). None are alien in the sense that we (all spirits and all souls) come from source and are part of a huge family. All are "Extra Terrestrial" in the sense that who we really are (eternal spirit/soul) is of a higher dimension than the physical world, so until you understand Gaia as a living being (spirit / soul / embodiment) who exists in all dimensions, and realize that the separations of time and space we experience in the lower 3 undensities, do not exist in higher numbered undensities.
We embody our own individual spirit through multiple souls in parallel incarnation (from spiritual perspective of no-time no-space) which manifest in a variety of bodies on a varitey of planets throughout our galaxy and beyond. Spirits are not extra- anything for they are perpetual essence and always exist, even if they have not at the moment chosen to manifest down into lower numbered undensities (embodiment in the physical), and that while we may from the ego perspective of one human incarnation misidentify "I" as a human body, we can illusorily imagine that other body types are "alien" or "extra-Ter-Ra-estrial" and think them foreign, when in fact some few of those may in fact be other souls of your same oversoul of the same individual spirit division of source. Therefore our only true use of "extra-Ter-Ra-estrial" is a statement about which species are currently recorded to exist here in the physical world, and is ignorant that even should a new species arrive, it is still part of our family of the creatures, which includes all demons and devils, and that those "extra-Ter-Ra-estrial" "entites" embodied in "alien" bodies may in fact be your same spirit's different souls, which we also refer to as "past lives". "Past" lives are an illusion because they project the linear time-space referential viewpoint onto times and spaces where it does not accurately apply. "Past" lives are "Past" in the sense that they are causal to our here and now incarnation, and in that we often suffer from the illusion that the past is causal to the new is causal to the future, when in fact it all interacts, is all causal, and is all affected by a synchronistic holographic fractally-recursive self interaction,i.e. Cause and Effect.
Most angels are smart enough to stay in the 5th undensity and above, where there are fewer parasites to deal with. There are entities (spirits/souls) of all kinds at all undensities and those may be divided into the

negative ( do not respect free-will choice ) ( who will happily manipulate, control and lie to you) positive ( who do respect free-will choice ) ( who may choose to help you if you ask / give permission )

The term demons is most translatable as astral parasite, or hungry ghost, meaning has manifested down to the astral density but may not be physically manifest. The term devil in the generic sense applying to many entities, meaning a spirit who has turned to the "negative" set of choices, who may manifest in lower undensities as a demon.
Once you have developed the ability to read aethericly (5th undensity and above) then you can read any lower numbered undensity also, thus it is possible to "see" remotely all densities of the readee (the entity being read) and their embodiments (including "past" lives), meaning it is even possible to remotely view their other bodies as well as their emotions (astral body), soul contracts, spiritual beliefs, spiritual mission, ego choices (lower will), etc. In short, it's all there to be seen (no secrets).
In spiritual (e.g. 'New-Age') terminology, the physical world and 'reality' thereof existent within space-time. The spiritual lesson of 3D, completed for planet Gaia as of 2012-12-21, (when 3D merged up into 4D), is that of choosing orientation towards others:
  • Service To Self (Separation)
  • Service To Others (Love)
In 20th and 21st century computer parlance, '3D' may refer to any of the following:
  • An image of a 3 dimensional construct presented via a 3 dimensional capable monitor.
  • An image of a 3 dimensional construct presented via a 2 dimensional capable monitor.
  • A virtual 3 dimensional 'world', such as a multi-player on-line game.
  • A technology of constructing 3 dimensional physical objects from digital specifications (3D Printing).

An alternate model from Bentinho Massaro, of 7 densities.
Notice also, this commentary on the differences between a model based on 7 densities versus 12 densities.


See also Lisa Renee's Heiros_Gamos

Energetic Densities and the Progression of the Soul
(from bottom (1st) to top (7th))
[ i forget where i found this version on the interwebs -- celeste ]

7th density: At this level of ascension, a soul finally learns that there is no "self" and no "other". This is where oneness is truly understood. It could be thought of as foreverness or timelessness. Many Buddhists traditions call it "empty awareness". The Law of One term[s] this state "personality transparency".

6th density: At this density, we find the fusion of love and wisdom, or love and light. This corresponds to the pineal gland. (This is why we have the term "enlightenment".) It is a level of understanding and an advanced state. This is also of particular importance because it is the point at which "self" and "other" are One.

[ Notice that below here is within En.Ki's prison -- celeste ]

5th density: This density is one of light and of wisdom. On the positive path, this corresponds to the wisdom of how to help other people, and on the negative path it is the wisdom of how to gain power, to manipulate, control, and to enslave.

4th density: This is where the completion of the positive or the negative choice is realized. The positive path is of love of others and everything that goes along therewith. The negative path is one of torture, rape, suffering, and hierarchical confinement, and is ultimately a path of love of self [only -- celeste]. To attain the negative path, one must be 95% service to self. For the 4th density positive path, a soul only has to be 51% service to others.

3rd density: This is one of intelligent life and self awareness. It is the first level where a soul sees the self as an individual. This is also where the choice between the positive and the negative paths must be made.

2nd density: This is the level reserved for biology. Here we have plants and animals from micro-organisms to complex beings. It is a density of basic awareness and of group awareness (everything short of intelligence).

1st density: This density is one of minerals and inanimate matter.

So what is the difference between being dead and being a non-physical ET, nano-traveling through the universe? The difference is marginal, yet huge. The deceased is trapped within the Grid and the Quarantine, ignorant of whom he or she is, unable to do many of the things he or she could do if properly educated, while non-physical beings knows exactly who they are and what they're doing. Again, because i want the reader to grasp this, the difference between a non-physical and the multidimensional being we are seeking to become is also marginal, but huge. The two can do approximately the same things, but the non- physical ETs have long since dropped their physical bodies and are no longer dwelling in any physical realm, unless they want to visit, observe, or bluntly interfere with an evolving race - however, they can nano-travel with the speed of thought. We, on the other hand, will keep our multidimensional physical bodies here on Earth and use our Fire (soul), which instead of staying together and forming one single light-body, creates a fragment, which will be riding the Avatar. This light-body is able to nano-travel anywhere with the speed of thought and can shapeshift and manifest itself in any dimension and experience anything it wants. It is not another personality, apart from you - you will be fully aware of what you're doing and where you're going. At the same time, the main consciousness stays here on Earth in the physical body. No other star race in the physical universe, within the eight lower dimensions, can do this. When they evolve to a state where they do not need or want their bodies anymore because these are seen as obstacles, they instead, when reaching the sixth-dimension, drop their bodies all together and become non-physicals who can then freely nano-travel. However, those who are still in the third-, fourth-, or fifth-dimensions travel through the universe in more conventional ways - i.e. in spaceships and through stargates and on star-lanes. We humans, because we're Divine, don't ever have to drop our bodies (unless we want to), and moreover, we can nano-travel within the KHAA while still having physical bodies here.
-- Wes Penre

[ The following has been edited to preserve the portion which is somewhat useful in presenting a model of dimensions / densities / frequencies, however, completely excised from it is a really bad analogy which was deeply, utterly, completely wrong.
Incidentally, please note also that as in the "good cop / bad cop" technique of manipulation, "the AR.KHANs" manipulate humanity in both the positive polarity of ARCH(on)-angELs / vampyric_negative_AR.KHANs, therefore anything sourced from "ARCH-angELs" is something to be considered with extreme discernment, because the game will always include some manipulative lies contained within the seducing "good information" used to gain your trust of the source...
we remind you to use your discernment with each piece of information as truth versus deception, rather than ever pretending to discern that any "source" is trustworthy or not, and yes, including me! -- celeste ]

From the channelling "Archangel MICHAEL: The Five Dimensions for This Round of Earthly Ascension"
Transcribed through Ronna Herman 2016-02-27

Beloved Masters, everything in the Universe is endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own Plane of perception. Remember, ALL Creation - the Omniverse at all levels - is Cosmic Energy, which was sent forth from the Heart-Core of the Supreme Creator. This Energy is composed of vibrational frequencies of infinite variations, which interpenetrate with each other, and yet are separated from each other by the variance in Light frequency patterns.

The Light/Energy of the Creator contains all the components of Creation, and these innumerable Seeded Patterns of Light make up the complexity of the many levels of material manifestation. The terms used to describe the multiple levels of Creation, such as "Dimensions and Sub-Dimensions," were established to bring clarity and understanding of the very complex "nature of the reality" in which you all exist. As most of you are aware, each Dimension within your Earthly Etheric environment has Seven Sub-levels.

FIRST DIMENSION: Mineral Kingdom:

First Dimension and lower sub-levels of Second Dimension: The Mineral and Vegetable Kingdoms are ruled strictly by instinct, and they are infused with God Light/Life via the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms.

The First-Dimensional environment is the World of the Elements, the building blocks of the material world from the sub-atomic elements to the soil, rocks and water that make up the body of the Earth.

This is the foundation for the manifestation of all Plant Life, and home of the lowest level of the Elemental Kingdom whose mission it is to relay from the Sun the life-giving elements or nourishment for all of the Mineral and Plant Kingdoms. Under the guidance of the Elemental Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom also began to experience an instinctual desire to reach for the sunlight and bask in the warmth of its radiance.

SECOND DIMENSION: Plant & Animal Kingdoms:

The mid-Second-Dimensional level is where the Animal Kingdom materialized and a sub-level of consciousness began. Originally, the Animal Kingdom subsisted and received sustenance from Plant Life - it was never intended that they should become carnivorous. Basic feelings and emotions began to be displayed within the Second-Dimensional environment as the Animal Kingdom evolved and began to experience primal fear, anger and instinctual Love or compatibility with a strong desire for companionship. The Animal Kingdom is strongly influenced by inborn instinct. The Animals' "Divine Sparks" come from and return to a Group Soul in between each incarnation.

THIRD DIMENSION – Sentient Beings:

Since Humanity's fall in consciousness many thousands of years ago, the Earth and its physical environment have been composed of Third/Fourth – Dimensional components. The Third Dimension consists of Length, Breadth and Depth of Space. The Sentient Beings of this Dimension are the more evolved Animal Kingdom (group consciousness) and Human Beings, which have individualized Soul-consciousness.

THE THIRD DIMENSION: The Fist Three Sub-Planes - Animal / Nature Kingdom: Higher-conscious species of Animal Kingdom - instinctual / sub-conscious.

The First Three Levels of the THIRD DIMENSION:

Animals who are gradually evolving into a higher species, and who have developed a limited sentient intelligence, are within this range of intelligence: such as Primates (Apes and Monkeys), Elephants, Horses, Dogs and Cats. In some future stage of the "Ascension Process," they will be "Ensouled," and will be allotted an individualized i AM Consciousness.

There are also some Humans - very young Souls - who obtained their individualized i AM consciousness within a more recent "Round of Evolution". Their first incarnational experiences have been in this Solar System or on the Earth Plane, and they are, therefore, still functioning within an Animal/Human base-instinctual nature, along with a varying degree of intellectual capacity. These Souls are the true "Earthlings."

There are no longer any young or early mature Souls being incarnated on the Earth Plane. Only "Mature and Old Souls" who have had a vast number of incarnational experiences throughout this Universe, and quite possibly in other Universes as well, are incarnating on Earth now.

THE THIRD DIMENSION: Sub-Planes Four through Seven - HUMAN KINGDOM:

The Third-Dimensional Realm of Material expression is more mentally focused, with a strong desire to create, conquer and to control nature. It is the lowest level of Humankind's experiential existence. A basic, instinctual-survival nature began to develop with a gradual, limited Consciousness of Self, "I am separate and different from you." Human Beings began to emerge from a herd-state of consciousness, where there were seldom any unique or individualized thoughts. Most knowledge came forth from the group instinctual nature and basic concepts handed down from the Elders.


Sub-conscious and Conscious Awareness. In the Fourth Dimension a Conscious Awareness of the "NOW" moment is added to Length, Breadth and Depth of Space. The Fourth Dimension is the realm of Emotions, Maya / Illusion - the Astral Plane. Since it is the beginning stage of higher frequency patterns, Time is more fluid, and the Laws of Time and Space begin to change. It is sometimes called the Etheric Realm.

You must pass through the Mass Consciousness belief structure, which is mostly comprised of a conglomeration of inharmonious Third-/Fourth-Dimensional vibrations. It is your responsibility to clear or neutralize your personal discordant vibrational frequencies in order to traverse the seven sub-levels of the Fourth-Dimensional environment, and to tap into an awareness of your "I AM" within the Fifth-Dimensional environment.


Human Beings within this stage of evolvement are still using some of their animal instinctual nature along with the Sub-conscious / Conscious Human nature. Sub-planes Four through Seven: the beginning of the development of a Human/Spiritual nature.

Whales and Dolphins are a special, unique species which does not fit within any of the evolutionary profiles that we are presenting to you for your greater understanding. They are considered to be the most spiritually and intellectually advanced species on Earth. As the Earth was created for Human inhabitation, these wondrous Beings of Light were sent forth from far-distant Star Systems as "Keepers of the Divine consciousness for the Human species."

They are the recorders of the en-Lighten-ed, and also the diminished consciousness of all Life Forms from the beginning of this Sub-Universal experience - not only in this Realm, but also in many other Realms within this Sub-Universe. They embody the recorded History of Earth, all Planets, Solar Systems and Galaxies, and they constantly bring forth reverberating frequencies of Light and advanced information.

They send the tones of Love through the waters, and deep into the Earth, as well as to all Humanity, in order to keep the evolution of Consciousness on the Earth moving according to the Greater Plan. They are not as they appear to be in form. They are great, magnificent Beings whom we admire, and if we are receptive, we will feel their Loving energy as they continually patrol the oceans spreading our Father/Mother God's frequencies of Love, Harmony and Grace.

THE FIFTH DIMENSION: Fifth-Dimensional Spiritual/Human Nature

FIRST Sub-Plane of the FIFTH DIMENSION: Integration of all Third-/Fourth- Dimensional Soul Fragments has been accomplished. Therefore, the Soul-infused Personality is released from the Wheel of Karma. Gradual development of Conscious / Superconscious / Intuitive Awareness - the beginning phase of Sacred-Tiadal Consciousness.

FIFTH-DIMENSION - Mental Plane of Consciousness: Sacred Triad * Three God Rays:

II. * Love/Intuition: Wisdom *

EGO-DESIRE BODY * Instinct * Lower 3D Mind *

EMOTIONAL BODY * Imagination * Conscious Lower-4D Mind *

SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS * Intuition * Sacred Mid-4D Mind *

SOUL-INFUSED PERSONALITY * Illumination * Sacred Triad 1st-Level-5D *

[ Excised for gross inaccuracy -- celeste ]



Higher sub-levels of the Second Dimension and the first three sub-levels of the Third Dimension

Prevailing Negative Attributes to Overcome:


From LOWEST Levels to HIGHEST: Survival Instinct * Fear * Anger * Vengeful * Hate * Despising * Shame * Guilt * Denying * Uncaring * Apathy * Stubbornness * Miserable * Indifferent * Permitting * Enabling * Herd State * Confused * Rigid Thinking Process * Fearful of Change * Complacent * Fearful of The Forces of Nature and The Elements.


FIRST through THIRD Sub-Levels: Miserable * Self-Serving * Confrontational * Craving * Blame * Despair * Anxiety * Lethargic * Humiliation * Hopeless * Grief * Demanding * Withdrawal * Destructive * Judgmental * Stubborn * Infatuation *Authoritative * Dogmatic * Extreme * Frivolous * Vain * Seek Glamour * Possessive * Boredom * Materialistic * Strong Belief in "Good Luck," * Fate and Punishment * Willing To Go With The Flow * Caught Up in "Mass Consciousness Belief System" *  "I, Me, My" Focus.

Negative Attributes To Harmonize, and Positive Attributes To Integrate:

FOURTH Sub-Level: A Bridge To Higher Consciousness:

Plodding * Frustration * Discontent * Doubt * Regret * Permitting * Enabling * Pessimistic * Neutrality * Worry * Discouraged * Unworthiness * Some Objectivity * Learning To Forgive * Understanding * Hopeful * Optimistic * Desire * Learning Discipline * Begin To Turn Inward * Seeking* * Trust * Insightful* Helpful * Generous * "Expanding Self-Awareness."

FOURTH Dimension: FIFTH through SEVENTH Sub-Levels:

Patient * Expressive * Creative * Disciplined * Seeks Solitude * Compassionate * Merciful * Harmonious * Serene * Trusting * Courage * Empowerment * Optimism * Reverence * Loving * Joyful * Bliss * Intuitive * Gracious * Thankful * Altruistic * Desire To Serve * Truthful * Grateful * "Developing Unity Consciousness."

Most of you who have followed our Teachings are aware that you must clear 51% of your Negative Frequency Patterns and attune to your "Soul Song" to at least a portion of the Lower Sub-level Frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to begin to receive the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. In doing so, you gain the ability to breathe in this Essence of rarified Light containing the refined vibrational frequencies of the Higher Realms. You, while in your Physical vessel, are being given an opportunity to incorporate the Divine Essence of the New Age, which is permeating the Earth at this time.

There is no firm demarcation between Dimensions, for they ebb and flow in a wave pattern and interpenetrate each other to a certain degree. Much of Humanity is now resonating to the frequencies of the Higher, more Harmonious Frequencies of the Third Dimension, while tapping into and integrating various levels of the Fourth Dimension. Many dedicated Souls are beginning to access some of the frequency patterns of the Lower Sub-levels of the Fifth Dimension, and there are even some more advanced Souls who are integrating small amounts of Sixth-Dimensional frequency patterns (and even higher) via the Cities of Light.

Beloveds, we know some of the concepts we relay to you can be very confusing. However, as you expand in Consciousness and Wisdom, your Sacred Mind will open to the Well-spring of Knowledge you have in reserve, and you will remember and understand. i am with you always.

[ EEeek! what if we don't want you with us always!
Thank you for revealing your intrusive AR.KHANtic nature. -- celeste ]

i AM ARCH[on]angEL Michael.

Channelled by: Ronna Herman - ** ** ** **

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We draw upon information from Wes Penre regarding Michael:

"Another name for Ninurta is "The God of the Hunt[37]," and he was also known as a "war-god" in Sumer.[38] This doesn't mean that he walked around and created wars, but as the heir of Orion, he was also known as Archangel Michael, Second in Command, while Khan En.lil is Archangel Michael, First in Command. The term "Archangel Michael" originates in Orion and is not a person, but again, a title. It is carried by the being (or beings) who are in command of Queen Nin's Special Forces, and the "Michaels" are always of the Queen's Court. We can find references to Archangel Michael in the Bible as well - more specifically in the Book of Daniel[39], where he is called a "great prince who stands up for the children of your people."[40] Wikipedia says about Michael:

'In the New Testament, Michael leads God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven, he defeats Satan. In the Epistle of Jude, Michael is specifically referred to as an "archangel".[41]'

Satan and his forces in this sense are Prince as Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. In the "War in Heaven," which we shall come back to in a future paper, Ninurta, as Archangel Michael, Second in Command, defeated Satan and his cohorts in a battle and threw him out of Heaven. These Bible stories are all allegories for what actually happened in the Orion Empire a long time ago."

"All human beings are divided into four general classes... 4 types of humans
(By Manly P. Hall in What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of Its Disciples):

  1. The lowest of these divisions is the physical nature, and those who dwell therein are of the earth, earthy; they live only for the gratification of their physical natures. Their idea of heaven is a place where there is food, feasting, and little or no work... Their minds are only partly active. Their bodies resemble prisons more than dwelling places... they live to labor, plodding along to a mediocre destiny... Give them opulence and they cannot retain it. Give them luxuries, and they do not appreciate them. They are the dark earthy ones who must ever bow before intelligence. They do not love God, for they cannot know Him.
    [ This is the R-complex (reptilian mind) consciousness of the root (sacral) chakra. -- celeste ]
  2. The second division is made up of the artisans and those who labor both with mind and hand... They buy, sell, and exchange... Having a mind, they control the mindless... Not having the mental organism with which to reason, they fill the places of worship where thinking is done for them. They are the ones who allow their clergy to decide all spiritual problems for them, feeling themselves incapable of assuming the onus of heavy thinking...
    [ or being unwilling to be self-responsible (liable) for making their own choices -- celeste ]
    their credulity is utilized as a commercial asset by certain types of minds who consider it legitimate to capitalize on the ignorance of others.
    [ This is operating in right-brained intuitive feminine in abandonment of left brain. -- celeste ]
  3. The third class is made up of the scientists... they attack the boundary lines of the known... Those who wage this war in the cause of science are mostly concrete thinkers who follow as far as their instruments will lead them and then must wait for instruments still more powerful. Most of these minds are atheistic or at least agnostic... The miracles of theology are incapable of chemical analysis and are consequently taken ["with a grain of salt"] by the scientific world.
    [ This is operating in left-brained linear-logical masculine ego-centric consciousness in abandonment of right brain. -- celeste ]
  4. The fourth and highest group embraces philosophers, musicians, and artists, all living in an abstract mental world surrounded by dreams and visions wholly unrecognizable by the other types. They have reached beyond the world of academic education to the world of creative idealism, which is at present the highest function of the human mind. This world is the dwelling place of genius, of invention, and of the things which lower mentalities can only accept but never analyze. Religiously, these minds are deistic. Most of them are monotheists – believers in one God.
    [ One is All is One (there is one spirit living through all forms) -- celeste ]
    Many of them are mystics or occultists...
    [ This requires both awakening to at least the heart-chakra level, and balanced utilization of both critical thinking of left brain, yet prioritization of right-brained intuitive feminine spiritual consciousness. -- celeste ]

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