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1st January 1970

Aloha; faery blessings...

i ask myself... how is my new mission / purpose of 8D ascension portals, merely the fabrication of my bored ego seeking to entertain itself with an illusion of meaning and purpose? Actually, my higher-self has already given me a "real"
(it's "real" if it comes from the "higher-self", right???? :-)
purpose, but I've had to be patient for the arrival of the circumstances in which i may manifest that purpose, that of service to the goddess.

Well, i don't know if i have purpose or meaning, but the giggles are a lot of fun. OHHHHH! that's my purpose! to be a giggly faery! Wow, that sounds like so much more fun than being a cranky olde Jedi warrior, tired of exorcising demons from humans :-)
Wow, rebirthing one's self is so worth doing... highly recommended!
Oh, and, of course, this correlates with Yuna's "Life You Live", which has been looping in the background during this :-) Yuna-Live Your Life.

So, ummm... maybe we have "real" purpose, but only temporarily, i.e. it is only in temporal space (lower densities) that we have motivation to play with dichotomies?
Whaddaya feel?
So, then, we have only our individual relative purpose and reality, even while there is no ultimate?
or is there any reality to the meme of a "divine plan"? or is that also, merely the highest of ego-self-delusions...
"hey, look-at-me!
I'm not just following a mere individual temporal illusion of purpose, I'm living the real purpose of the divine plan!
Aren't i now a wonderfully superior Ego?"
Yes, you are, Ego :-) *giggles*
Well, I'm not gonna take any of this seriously enough to spoil breakfast.

Aloha, celeste

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