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1st January 1970

It is the ultimate existential question: "Who and What am 'I', and what is my 'purpose' to exist?"

All Meaning / Purpose is illusion.

The ultimate fear / issue is to face the absolute meaninglessness of existing / incarnation / life.

We fabricate illusions of "purpose" and "meaning", because it is too much for most of us to face, that, ultimately, we have no purpose and no meaning.

Our egoes want to feel special. Our egoes want to feel significant. The ultimate issue in "life" is to realize our actual / ultimate complete lack of specialness / meaning / importance / purpose.

Thus, we face in life, two extremes of dichotomy... coming from the ego position of the separateness of the individuated "self" / body / incarnation:

Each of these threatens the ego identification with a separate / unique / special / valuable / meaningful "self", and all "self" is illusion (per eastern philosophy).

So, is it: "I think, therefore i am?" or "I am, therefore i think?" or "I think i am, therefore, i exist?"

Nothing unreal exists. All that exists is real. Is all that is real existant? What is fantasy?

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