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14th September 2013
[high priestess]

From the Tarot card, the High Priestess is:

Oh Dear one,

i am sorry for this pain you are feeling. Can you access the akashic records on these issues and see alternatives there? i see your aura is way out there, with you simply dissipating into the void.

Pull in. Sit with this pain. It is the pain of rebirth. Again.

Here is what else i am getting. The her you are, and always were, to serve, is no one physical female but it is the divine feminine Herself. You are a high priestess and that is an onerous position and one of much grief and loneliness. It literally is your vocation and your calling which your higher self has already answered. You agreed to this and took it on in such a way and form as to serve her without destroying the Divine masculine in the process, which is the fear of the dis-integrated male (and has resulted in 7000 years of repression of the feminine) and the unfortunate process of the enraged female in our world of duality. You are the high priestess of the integrated goddess / god. It is such a painful thing this initiation and may not be yet complete, and the only way to non-pain is to completely engage yourself in the service to the Divine feminine, to Kauai, Gaia, to your 8D ascension portals as they spread and expand, to the sacred principles of life on this planet as it ascends, with all entities and other dimensional beings watching.
You are now center stage. Total selfless service is what she is demanding, with no concern for your self other than as of the utmost value to her as her presence and voice on Gaia at this crucial time.
And the choice is yours completely.
Goddess knows that being in her service in this most intimate way is hugely painful unless one surrenders completely, and even then, the truth of being [mankind] and goddess in one body is what we all have tried for millenia to escape. We cannot escape for it is what we really are, [mankind] and Divine, physical in all our pain and dis-ease, and totally beyond the world and it's cause / effect all at the same time.

i have been in this dark place too, looking the same decision in the face, and i manage each time to just stay low until i find the next beam of light from the Sun and the next song of the birds. It is the face of the crone that you are seeing and she beckons us all to peace in the darkness, but the darkness always becomes the light, and immediately upon it's darkest moment, the shift occurs. This is the transformational magic of the crone. When the light is gone, she holds out her hand, and we step back into the dawn. Please consider what has been sent for you here. You are immortal. You know that.

-- a sister crone


We have been invoking the akashic records of "The New Women of Fire", to integrate into our DNA.
The context for this 5th race of [mankind] created by Isis, is:
"As the readers may have noticed, much of this part of the "Isis story" is taking place after the Deluge, and in this and a few following papers, i [Wes Penre] am going to go back and forth on the timeline between what happened just before the Flood and what happened after. Much of what is now explained happened during the Babylonian / Akkadian Empires, when had assigned the leadership in that part of the world to his son Marduk, the biblical Satan, but the first version of's Minions, who we today call the Global Elite or the "Illuminati," were of the same seed line as that which had been used before the Deluge, and that was the Lucifer-Isis seed line, created by copulation between and Isis. Thus, the Marduk-Isis seed line was the second version of the Global Elite, created in Babylon, after the Deluge. The third version was the Marduk-Ereškigal seed line, to which the majority of the Global Elite of today belongs. The Powers That Be (PTB), thus, are of pure Orion blood and a mix between Ninurta's line through Isis and Marduk, who represents the Luciferian / Satanic bloodline. They are all virtually the same because Ninurta and had the same parents, but for the gods themselves, the difference is considered huge because the more righteous Gods of the Pantheon want to have no part in Lucifer's tricks and manipulative manners. They must feel highly assaulted the way they've been depicted in the eyes of [mankind] after the records were distorted in Babylon. Homo sapiens sapiens - today's version of mankind - was recreated after the Flood from the template used before the Flood, with some adjustments, as we shall see in a later paper. Last, a fifth version of [mankind] was created by Isis, who basically recreated the androgynous Namlúu', the primordial womankind." -- Wes Penre

Wes Penre provides more details about "the ladies of fire":
"The last, but certainly not the least, important species i need to mention here in its own category is

[...] Ladies of Fire - the second race of Namlú'u. This is the species which Isis created on her own while visiting her father Ninurta's old Mountain Paradise - the Garden of Edin of old. This is a recreation of the Primordial mankind - the androgynous Namlú'u, shamans who can create life without copulating with a male, but who can also reproduce by having normal intercourse. This species will become very important as our story progresses. These "Ladies of Fire" are still here on this planet today - many are in hiding, while others eventually blended in with the rest of society and created families and married men amongst Homo sapiens sapiens.

In addition, we could actually add another race of [mankind] to the second list above, but to make sense in the context, I've decided to mention it as the very last species.

[...] [mankind] / Namlú'u hybrids. These hybrids would look just like you and me but, perhaps, have more red in their hair and a fairer skin. The people of Ireland come to mind, and although not all Irish women are Namlú'u hybrids, many of them probably are. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the Ladies of Fire must have had a resort on the British Isles, and particularly in Ireland. How do we look at women with red hair in general? As fiery, more energetic than average, determined, and having a strong will and strong intentions. Could we perhaps also add that red-haired women are more psychic than average? We see both women and men everywhere in society who have the attributes of red, or reddish, hair and fair, sensitive skin. We don't even think twice when we see them. They blend in with the rest of society with its huge variety of [mankind] hybrid races."
-- Wes Penre

It is fairly apparent that their genetics have been to some degree mixed into the "muggles" gene-pool, and that there are more pure samples still incarnate. As with all energy patterns, one adept at accessing the akashic records may find the genetic patterns and utilize them to activate codons in the DNA of present bodies, as i am now doing with mine. Because such spiritual work likewise done upon one's aetheric / spiritual body is in a density beyond linear space-time, the effects become apparent in linear time of the body prior to their apparent time of linear activation, the more so the body is dwelling in the eternal moment of now in time-space rather than caught in the time-stream of the collective reality of lower density.

"VI. Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Lilith, and Aphrodite [ and Lakshmi -- celeste ]
Establishing that these five female deities are one and the same takes care of a lot of headache when researching the different deities. Albeit all five of them, mythologically speaking, have traits that are quite similar to each other, they are also made different because it may have "pleased" the Sages of old - or rather Marduk or, depending on whom was dictating a certain story. Also, we should not forget that Ereškigal, Queen of the Underworld, is connected to these five counterparts as well - particularly Isis and Inanna."
-- Wes Penre

"When Ninurta married Gula, he married a female who was half Sirian and half Arcturian, but still of the Bird Tribe, just as Khan En.lil is - his people, even though they may have originated in Arcturus - had colonies in many other star systems - one of them in Sirius. Gula, most of the time, seems to have spent her time in Sirius - more so than in Arcturus. Out of the marriage between Ninurta and Gula came Isis, who thus is half Sirian/Arcturian Bird Tribe and half Orion Dragon Race. When Isis had grown up enough to take care of herself, she spent most of her time in Sirius - perhaps, she liked one of the planets there and felt some connection to it, i don't know.

After that, Isis' story became quite complex. In a twist of fate, she came to Ea-Rth [Ea's Kingdom], and got raped by Ea [ = En.Ki = Lucifer ]. When Ninurta found out, he castrated En.Ki, and put a curse on him, so that he never could sleep with a woman again and certainly not have more children. Isis, as Inanna, descended to the Underworld to see her alleged sister, Ereškigal but got kidnapped and raped repeatedly by Marduk [ = Satan = son of En.Ki ]. An evil plan evolved that Marduk and Isis were going to create a new [mankind] race after the Flood. Some of these children were going to only be allowed to inbreed to keep the race "clean," while the rest could breed as they wished.

There seems to have been a time when Isis agreed to this, but we don't know whether it was in order to save her life because later on, when and Marduk had begun to trust her, she fled and hid in her father's Mountain Paradise in the ancient Garden of Eden. When she saw what her father had built for [mankind] and the rest of the planet over a long period, of which only ruins were left, she started crying for days - regretting everything she'd done and feeling deep shame. She decided to recreate the Garden of Edin, and she did so. Being of a Royal descent, she also had magic capabilities that were almost lost at that time. Shortly after the Flood, she made herself androgynous and started having offspring with herself - something called parthenogenesis. All her offspring were red-haired, as she was. Where this new race went is unknown - it's believed it still exists here on Earth, but went underground - literally.
Isis is still on the run - both from her father (to whom she felt she caused so much shame) and the Alien Invader Force - but it is quite possible that she is still dwelling somewhere on Ea-Rth. The thing is (and it is possible that Isis thinks she blew her opportunities) that she is still the Heir to Orion! If something happens to Queen Nin, Isis will be the next Queen of the Stars, according to Orion law. Because Isis is Prince Ninurta's daughter, Prince Ninurta would be the new Khan En.lil (now he is "only" Prince En.lil), and his daughter would inherit the throne. If Lucifer would have played his cards well, he would have been the new Khan En.lil and his first-born daughter would have been the new Queen of the Stars. However, this will never happen. Now, with Isis on the run somewhere on Ea-Rth, Queen Ereškigal took over the role as the "breeding machine" together with Marduk, and people, such as me and you who write and read this, are most probably the descendants from Marduk and Ereškigal - genetically speaking. However, it is more complicated than that because the two most certainly had (and have) sex, which brings offspring, and these offspring have sex, etc. Still, the bodies that Ereškigal and Marduk had then, and have now, are [mankind] bodies that originate from the time before the Flood. Therefore, we may also have a lot of earlier DNA in our bodies - even some Namlú'u, although it's probably watered down. In order to create a pure Mardukian/Ereškigalian bloodline, however, they also used genetic engineering and manipulation to get it just the way they wanted it to, and this engineering included adding quantities of Orion and Sirian DNA to the new [mankind] species."
-- Wes Penre

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