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1st March 1970

There are folktales about the sidhe (pronounced "shee"),
which are categorical and therefore inaccurate, nevertheless,
the "seelie" are generally loving, whereas,
the "unseelie" are more likely harmful;
the "trooping" are likely to be encountered as a procession of seelie fae,
the "solitary" are likely to be protective of their sanctuary from any intrusion, fae or [mankind].
The Urban Dictionary's definition of Seelie is rather unique and differs from most folktales:

An extremely sexy and sensual girl. She's intelligent and amazing. Very good in bed, she can make you scream like no other. She'll change your world to make it better. She loves music and receives peace from lyrics and melodies. Her love's exceptional. She may not show it, but she is a super loving and passionate fae. Sometimes she isn't the best fae in the world but she can make it up. You'll never be bored with Seelie. Take care of her.

Fay (standardized female definition)
She is incredibly smart, and with such intellect, this at times remains well under wraps. She chooses not to reveal to people just how intelligent she truly is.
Men find her easy to commune with and form friendships without any complications. However over time, many find that a deeper liking for her will start to emerge as they get to know her more. Secret crushes will start to emerge from these friendships, while Fay remains oblivious to this fact. Fay's personality remains the paramount cause for these crushes becoming more apparent.
She is quirky, cute, and her personality can at times be deemed as a sexy asset. She has a smile that radiates so much truth and this smile is most captivating. She has a natural instinct for fun and surely knows how to have a good time out of almost nothing.
While positive attributes may present a rather biased view of her, she can also be viewed as immature from her lack of taking anything seriously at times. This should be taken lightly at all times, though, as Fay has the tendency to carry with her an abundance of jokes. This would also be aligned to her philosophical thought which supports that life is way too short to be so serious.
It's important to note that Fay also has an extremely perceptive, philosophical and insightful side to her, which is what keeps her friendships time-honored and lasting. If there were a fay for every tomorrow, tomorrow would have a better reason to continue on.


Q: What type of fairy are you?
A: "You are A Crystal Fairy!
You are rather sassy, and cute. You can be really nice, but if someone messes with you, they'll be sorry. You are the sweetest little fairy, until someone messes with you. You don't like it when people mess with your friends, or your things. You wear magnificent colors like gold, and pink. You usually have puffy pink hair like cotton-candy. You have pink skin and pinkish eyes. Overall, you are really cute, and [others] drool all over you, (not literally). You always have a [lover]! However, you're really discerning, so they always act nice, just for you! [...]"


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