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30th June 2016

The faerie goddess flow-er is the very blessing of life and consciousness, divinity incarnate, the manifesting of purity and joy. Upon shedding all the progamming in the DNA lineage in the body, and all the programming in the subconscious by the parental personality-egoes, and shedding all the past-life perfect-pictures and karma, one might possibly be able to live one's own essence, make free-will choices, and play in purity and innocence. Toss out also all alien spirits who have not been incarnate in a [mankind] body on Gaia who cannot possibly by ethical or appropriate guides to one's incarnation. Release also all relatings with others of dependency or control.
Just a meditation to complete rebirthing and anchor a new time-line:

Imagine THE Fairy Godmother shows up, and declares: "I'd like to grant you your 3 fondest wishes. What do you wish?"

  1. To transform into the perfectly sized female body for "one size fits all" clothing, being cute, pretty, beautiful, and luscious, with beautiful bioluminescent wings.
  2. I become fully able to play on my flute any melody i can image.
  3. To ascend myself and all who so choose to non-dual new-Gaia where ahimsa and love are the constructive principles, and everyone is telepathic and clairvoyant, where we live in harmony with nature and cooperative co-creation of abundance.
    BTW, form is mutable here, wish and it is so :-)
    We directly manifest by will alone, i.e. we are the outcome of evolution of divine angelic [mankind].
    Each individual is a fully sovereign creator god(dess).

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