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1st October 1970

"Clairvoyance", (a French word which transliterates as "clear seeing"), comes by accessing the non-dual densities and above (the "aetheric" or "etheric" (spiritual) planes). The ClairVoyant will see with the third eye, energy patterns in the spirit (aetheric), and will equally clearly be able to see the aura, the astral body, and the physical body, their interconnections, and health.

The physical body existing in the lowest 3 dimensions is a manifestation of, and has diseases which are the symptomatic expressions of, the astral body. The 4th dimensional astral / emotional body is a manifestation of, and has diseases which are the symptomatic expressions of, the mental body. The mental body is a manifestation of, and has diseases which are the symptomatic expressions of, the aetheric (spiritual) body. Clairvoyant healers can directly access and balance the aetheric body. Some have also received training to perform direct "hands-on" healing of the physical body, which may equivalently be done remotely. In other cases it is sufficient to heal the aetheric body, as changes effected at that level will propagate down through the densities into the physical body within 3 days. It is also common for someone to experience release of previously repressed, suppressed, or denied emotions for a few weeks following an aetheric healing. Although the clairvoyant healer is technically capable of removing these emotions, it is ethically imperative that they do not do so, as feeling the emotions is the final link in the learning process, and if thwarted, may block the learning of spiritual lessons, resulting in the querant repeating the creation of the lesson, which we interpret as having set them backwards on their path of growth, not as having "healed" or helped them. Especially during the 3 days following an aetheric healing, and to a somewhat lesser extent during the several weeks of emotional release, the physical body will be detoxifying as it releases what has been physically held in association with the previously stuck or held aetheric and / or astral / emotional energy patterns. Therefore it is important to drink lots of filtered / purified water and take lots of Vitamin C to aid the body in detoxification. Exercise and epsom salt baths will also facilitate the detox.

A variety of "psychic" skills are physically explainable. A being who is fully conscious, enlightened, will not experience any discrepancy between higher (spiritual) and lower (ego) will, nor any lack of communication between them. The need of a psychic reader is primarily to circumvent the road-blocks to that connection, for example by a psychic reading to bring the spiritual information (akashic records) to the consciousness even though its connection is blocked, or of a psychic healer is primarily to remove those blockages.

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