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4th July 2013
[FireWorks in Night Sky]

Kaua'i's Independence Day

Full activation of crystal faeries 8D through 4D portal

Upon tomril's first public notice of divine intervention on the Garden Island Kaua'i for densities 8 down through 4, by the tomril family of 8D Angelic crystal faeries, on 2013 June 4th, there were no protests within 30 days from the "spiritual community" of Kaua'i. It is construed therefore, that those with the ability to see the realms above 3D, have accepted and agreed to these changes upon the expiration of 30 days, i.e, as of 2013-07-04, silence having constituted consent, The Garden Isle, Kaua'i, is under the caregiving and responsibility and liability of the tomril family of 8D angelic crystal faeries.

The Kaua'i Sovereign Space is defined by 3D mathematical constructs:
International Boundaries
As is typical of modern Gaia nations, Kaua'i claims sovereignty within 200 miles of its shores, except:
Boundaries with "neighbor islands"
Where a 200 mile from shore boundary would encroach upon a neighbor island's presumed right to their own 200 mile boundary, every such overlapping of territorial claim shall be resolved by setting the boundary at the midpoint between them.
For these definitions, shores shall include vertically 200 miles above and below the land. The concept of shore shall also be extended downward below the ocean surface as at the surface. This definition shall be construed to include all underground and subsurface installations, bases, technology, mining rights and any other right or sovereignty claimed by any other nation of Gaia.

The 3D physical space of Kaua'i remains in the commercial liability of the corpse-oration THE COUNTY OF KAUA'I, INCORPORATED, which is 100% liable for all corporate fictions it has licensed to be present upon the land here, or which, it has licensed to be present upon the high seas of commerce, or within the Kaua'i national limit.

Wherein a corpse-oration is licensed to operate in limited liability, any liability it is not responsible for, passes through to its parent corpse-oration which issued the license of limited liability. This pass through of liability extends all the way to the Pontiff.

Any and all living beings are held to 100% liability as individuals, in all dimensions, and are bound by cosmic law of ahimsa, transcending all of mans laws.

There may not be any corporate entity or sentient being on the island of Kaua'i or within its sovereign territory surrounding it, which are not in 100% liability.

It shall be construed without limitation that each and every sentient being is by divine law self-sovereign and 100% karmicly liable for their acts and intent in all dimensions, and is considered self evident that no sentient being can either "own" any other sentient being, nor "be owned" by any other sentient being nor by a fiction (e.g. corpseoration). This automatically places all life forms of divine origin as protected species. By inversion, likewise, anything not sentient and/or not alive can have ownership or jurisdiction of / over any living being.

Most of human law has operated upon the presumption that silence constitutes consent, which it does, right up to the point where these new law take effect on 2013-08-04. Subsequent to that date, no operation of law nor corpseoration in any way involving Kaua'i's sovereignty, may presume that consent is granted by silence. Further, because all sentient beings have the right of self sovereignty, yet some are unable to speak lawfully due to special differences, are presumed to not be giving consent in a manner harmful to them. By express example, the spraying of toxins into the air, (chemtrails) is hereby protested specifically.

celeste found "Light of the Heart" (track 7) of Enchanted Wind by Suzanne Teng to keep her in aloha in minimizing changes to any being, yet maximizing Faery blessings for Kaua'i.

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