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24th May 2016
[Triple Goddess]

Firstly we notice that today is Mother's Day, in celebration of the Triple Goddess.

The Irish Goddess Brigit, Brigid or Bride (pronounced Breed), matron of artists, smiths and healers, is honoured in Druidry and WiseCraft. Bride was the daughter of the Dagda (or Good God), the principal God of the Irish race known as the Tuatha dé Dnaa, People of Dana, Dana being the Mother Goddess.
Brigit was often depicted as a Triple Goddess. Her chief shrine was in Kildare, where her vigil fire was tended by unmarried priestesses known as Inghean an Dagha, Daughters of Fire. With the Christianization of Ireland, Brigid became St Brigid and her shrine was taken over by nuns. Legend tells us that the nuns continued to tend her sacred flame until the thirteenth century, when the Bishop of Kildare decreed that the custom was Pagan and must cease. However, Brigid remained a very popular saint in Ireland and Scotland until recent times and her importance rivalled that of the Virgin Mary.


As we contemplate that it is a month before international fairy day, we open to channel from the crystal faeries collective consciousness of 8D, querying specifically, may we convey any messages from our angelic friends of 9D?

"Thank you for awaking at the optimal time for the clearest channelling. We are watching with contentment as the waves of galactic energetic triggering continue to quantum shift the phases of ascension activations, manifesting our divine plan both as gently and as powerfully as can be balanced. We are pleased that so many of you in your realm are flowing gracefully with your codon activations. For those who are experiencing challenging physical symptoms as incompatible karmic / miasmic patterns are triggered to be released, we commend conscious intent to release all expectations and attachments, surrender to receive the new patterns in your own energy fields, and shift your consciousness to find union / oneness vertically rather than horizontally.
[What the angelics are referring to is that as we connect vertically from embodied consciousness level to higher self level we shift perspective from feeling alone or separated, through the experience of oneness with our own self and through that higher self achieve awareness of unity with all of spirit. Until we make that shift, we may tend to connect horizontally with others at the embodied consciousness level in order to alleviate the feelings of aloneness / loneliness and thereby create complicating entanglements / enmeshments which greatly challenge our own ascension process. -- tomril]
For those overwhelmed emotionally it is beneficial to release mental patterns of interpretation which tend to take everything personally. For those consumed by worry or struggling to comprehend what is happening to them, surrender with trust rather than insisting upon comprehending before accepting. For those with challenging entanglements with other spirits / souls, release responsiblity for others and focus upon your own vibrational state as that over which you have the most choice and which most benefits both you and others. For the unasked question in the back of the mind of celeste / tomril, relax and know that you may release all your motherly responsibilities for both your ascension portal network and for both the tomril and ishnaa realms, as all is in graceful order."

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