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31st August 2015

It has been a wonderful waxing moon, bringing to light many energies and beings to bless with unconditional love and with faery blessings, to send upon their own journies, having done the discernment and sorting, to make completions with the incompatible, retaining only those who bring positive synergy to our relating. Now i can move forward with manifesting in constructive synergistic cocreation for New-Kilauea. Already new beings are arriving and connecting in nonduality... Yay!
Oh, and the history of this place is the key for those of us old souls who have Lemurian past lives, as to what we have to manifest, to build New-Kaua'i, starting with New-Kilauea.

We (crystal faeries) close this month with an exhortation to all beings of higher consciousness to step forward as reality co-creators, to actively focus upon creating the positive alternative reality, and cease paying any attention to the beings and realities which are on the downward spiral.
I (tomril) am focussed upon the sovereign space of Kaua'i and specifically the ahupua'a of Kilauea, and welcome cocreators ready to playfully synergize in nonduality.

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