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1st January 1970
[Heart Magick]

The Heart Chakra is the seat of the soul, the abode in our body of your essence and truth. It corresponds to the thymus gland which sits just above the heart organ and more centered. The fourth chakra (in the system of 7 major along-the-spine chakras) is the balance point between your physical reality (the lower 3 in-body chakras) and your spiritual reality (the upper 3 in-body chakras). Thus, if you have any question of what is appropriate for you, ask your heart, for it is the center of self affinity. For a choice to work well for both your body and spirit, it must work well for the soul, the marriage between the spirit and body. Since the soul is most anchored into the heart chakra, "follow your heart" is the best advice. How we do that is by acting on our joy!

Your mind may lie to you. You can always trust your body to tell you the physical truth. You can always trust your heart to tell you the truth of your incarnation, being a soul incarnate in a body.

If you ignore the body's messages, its painful symptoms, especially through medication, the problems only get worse as the causes go untreated. The physical body is governed by the emotional body.

If you numb your emotions, you can avoid the cause of your emotional pain.

You can think all kinds of stuff, but the most useful is what validates the truth of your emotions and body. Otherwise a quiet mind is most useful, so that you can hear the messages of your soul. Seek the inner sanctum of your heart. Look to your mind to govern the emotional body... How?
Our emotions are primarily produced as a consequence of the mental meaning we assign to things or events, therefore to have a more positive emotional experience is to cease assigning negative meanings to anything, especially to anything outside us. My actual recommendation is to quantum leap beyond that "better strategy within duality", to arrive at a non-dualistic approach of ceasing to assign any meaning at all. Then we maintain a neutral balanced peaceful disposition, having transcended both dualistic thinking and feeling.

This journey will likely be fruitless unless your heart is open. We often close our hearts in order to not feel pain; either the pain we're afraid we're about to receive, or the pain already there. If we keep stuffing trauma and pain into the subconscious, then eventually when we seek heart's guidance we only feel the overwhelming backlog of pain, so we cease to go there.

It can be a chore to clean out the subconscious and catch-up to now, but once we do so, we can maintain health and harmony by following our heart's guidance.

Be willing to feel your pain so that you may thrive!

We exist either in a rising expanding spiral, or in a falling contracting spiral. Choose the heart expanding path of rejuvenation!


The Way Through any apparent blockage is facilitated by the use of the Key. The Key is found in the Heart Chakra. The Key is Love. It unlocks nonforgiveness. Forgiving someone else sets you free.

How do we express Love?

We follow Spirit without hesitation.

We honor all spiritual paths and traditions.

We believe each must find and walk his/her own private path.

We acknowledge each individual as sovereign, divine, omnipotent and omniscient.

We believe that through our unified effort, we experience greater empowerment.

We assist each other in discovering, remembering, claiming and fulfilling our Purpose individually and collectively.

We support and strengthen each other in our individual self-chosen paths and goals.

We co-create experiences of enlightenment and growth and healing.

We co-create opportunities for quenching thirst for spiritual knowledge.

We provide opportunities for like-minded people to network and establish cooperative projects.

We share knowledge.

We exemplify in our lives, the spirit of Aloha.

We foster the Aloha Spirit to assist in unifying all the tribes and groups of the human race.

We support the establishment of World Peace and harmony between all races and kinsmen of Gaia.

We assist ourselves and others in recognizing and honoring the essential oneness of all humans with Spirit, with each other, with Mother Gaia and with all life forms.

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