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13th November 2015

Our current lunar cycle is all about the divine feminine, and about clearing the murky depths of our subconscious, where our beliefs live, but while we're at it, we may as well also review our beleifs, goals, and expectations. When we are operating in the ego separate self within duality, our perspective is me-versus-you or us-versus-them, based in the root chakra issue of "survival", the reptilian-brain, (dominance, territoriality, repetitive behaviour), and the left-brain analytical linear (time) logical realm of fear based reality of scarcity and need to control to feel safe. When we are operating in the unity consciousness of unconditional love with our ego surrendered in trust or faith to our own "higher-self", our preception is joyous heart based flow in the timeless now of being fully present.
One of the classical summaries of the difference of perception and modality of living is:

Service to Self
The most negative form is the sadistic psychopath who enjoys abusing others just to feel superior, whereas the least negative form is one who may practice ahimsa yet still be prioritizing their individual self while still in the illusion of separation.
Because what we get back from life is what we put out, the karmic harvest of this path is to live in conflict and disharmony, and most of life will be about karmic lessons of the suffering inflicted on others. The momentary "blessings" of the win-lose triumph have a long-term cost (lose).
Service to Others
The least positive form may be practiced in a sacrificial manner wherein the negative ego is served by demonstrating how little one loves oneself, and how much one gives to or for others, (good values but poor practice), while in the most positive form one practices abundance and synergistic co-creation in a light playful manner.
Because what we get back from life is what we put out, the karmic harvest of this path is to live in unity and harmony, and most of life will be about what one can give to empower each and everyone around us. Each one of us is a divine angelic [mankind], our path guided by the divine super-intelligence of source; sometimes we are the angel deliving a blessing to others, sometimes we receive blessings from other angelic [mankind], all orchestrated for the highest possible manifestation for all, who are in oneness, flowing in unified purpose of the good of all. This is the path of the ascend{ing,ed} angelic [mankind].

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