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23rd June 2014
[birthday cake]

Good morning worlds. Paradox is the key when living in 5D, yet ministering to people in 4D seeking to ascend to 5D, as i commit to living in 5D, while accepting and allowing all.

'Welcome to playful graceful flow, faery girl.'

"Remain youthful in heart and soul. Spritz with Fae Play and may you play more with your flute, even at the expense of daily blogging here."

I've long known that the natal time-lock was mutable, and that it has been my goal to be able to "slip in time" that time reference, as a method of time-travel, as well as liberation from the natal pattern. Transcending to the realms above the duality of time, and living life with the clear awareness that past and future are illusion, living in the timeless now, i.e. "ascension", liberates one from all time, not just the natal pattern. Conversely, attachment to any self-definition based upon natality precludes ascension. Living from the higher self level integrates all incarnations, all the wisdom thereof, and is transcendent of time itself. It is so much more fun to facilitate others from 8D+, now that I've integrated it as a way of life, a way of consciousness. Oh yes, i am aware of the utility of clocks and appointments to meet other bodies, to coordinate with the world of 4D- in which i have been facilitating, yet the apointments are graced with "Hawaiian time", the flexibility of flow-of-the-moment rather than pedantic clock timing. One of my earliest spiritual lessons, from Lazaris, was his defintion of "humility":
"being willing to see others (and therefore also self) as new in each moment.", thereby liberating them from the prison of ones own percepts and precepts, for indeed they may have experienced since our last come-union with them, a miraculous healing or enlightenment, therfore, we undo those, sabotage them, by our insistence on continuing to persist in seeing them as we once perceived them. Could there be a worse version than the belief in a lifetime pattern based on natality? I beleive that regardless what the stars or planets are doing in the sky, we can make appropriate choices in the now which honor our own essence, thereby living authentically. The freedom we all seek is to live authentically our essence instead of anything else.

"We're glad you enjoyed the flow of being placed to facilitate both a triggering, and facilitate two people with your clairvoyant gifts, on your journey out to play. Walking through life with no expectations and no attachment, keeps one from getting mired in any 'quicksand'."

Is there anything other than direct consciousness in the here and now?
Yes: choice; though when living from essence (integrated self (higher + soul)) there really is no choice once you choose to honor and prioritize that essence, for its appropriateness then runs your life. You needn't choose because appropriateness is one's automagick response to all that comes your way, which is only a reflection of what you put out, so the only question becomes "what is it appropriate to put out when it immediately mirrors back?"
Love and giving, yeah?

One's incarnate truth is in one's heart, one's transcendent truth is not in one's mind, but rather "in the center of one's head" (below the crown and behind the 3rd eye).

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