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28th September 2013

As i go to sleep early tonight i am querying of the crystal faeries: 'What can you tell us about the uniqueness of the Kaua'i 8D Portal of Ascension?', as i expect lucid dreams therof overnight :-)

Mmmm... it is so challenging to even desire to awake from lucid dreaming. So, aside from my going to sleep question about our Kaua'i portal, i am now also curious as to any involvement of the Hathors in our reality here, or in my own ascension work.
"The harmonic codes of access to the higher realms are no secret, freely available in the askashic records, and freely accessible by anyone who can raise their frequency to that level." is the message i get now from the Hathors. The crystal faeries are saying:
"For those who invite us to cocreate with them, we take a directly active role of facilitating deprogramming / removal of limiting patterns, and the activation of the higher frequency patterns at the cellular level and in the lightbody of those we are helping." Somehow this is not at all surprising.
"The Kaua'i portal may be perceived as a bubble, an anomaly in Gaia energy grid, of higher frequencies, whereas over time we are expecting the rest of the grid to raise into harmony, for now it is the exception, with the reactivation of the Lemurian consciousness grid pattern from before 'the fall'. Again, it's all about ranges of frequency, and willingness to resonate with them, thus the Kaua'i portal is supported as a group choice and sustained by a migration of souls of willing compatibility, having produced a shift where some feel motivated to move either to or from Kaua'i, and others are riding through the discomfort of individual challenges as the group / area energy patterns shifted farther and faster than was comfortable for them. All things considered, a sucessful shift. Perhaps what stands out more than this high vibration in our reality is the willingness of the people to live 'Aloha', which is very nicely manifesting as a shared attitude and expectation, more than the past where it may have been more of a mental concept and harder to 'live' on a daily basis. Simply that the environment is itself of a higher frequency supports more easily making choices of higher love in daily affairs."

What should we know about Kaua'i Sovereign Space, from 8D down through 4D?
"This declaration of our intent was the most practical process of notification and of requesting permission from / achieving agreement with the Kaua'i spiritual community, which then allowed us to install the higher frequency Gaia grid templates which anchored the patterns of the new-Kaua'i time-line. With the alteration of Gaia grid to establish the unique Kaua'i spiritual contract, we have been able to minimize any conflict, such as that still manifesting on the rest of the planet as various soul groups are still in conflict over control of various space-time sectors."

"The new time-line's unified consciousness grid, modelled on the original Lemurian grid, allowed a pre-fall consciousness to again be experienced by the community, which depending on perspective was experienced by most as either 'things being lighter', 'less conflict' or 'greater harmony in the community'. While many Kaua'ians are still operating in 3D consciousness, we suggest they are better living the 3D 'Aloha Law' now, due to the more conducive Gaia grid harmonics. Further, their awakening to 4D consciousness is accellerated by their new environment. Because of the careful wording of the declaration of sovereign space and its equivalent energetic patterns in the 8D to 4D portal we hold in place, we are left in peace here. We consider it essential to have invoked into the group contract, the principle of 'Ahimsa' (harmlessness) in all relations. Of course, in the higher octaves of density, this is much more manifest as a positive synergy of cocreation for the optimum benefit of all. For the 4D consciousness, the one simple principle of ahimsa keeps us out of all the situations of conflict which are micromanaged by an endless list of 3D laws applicable to 3D consciousnesses. The 4D principle of accountability for the consequences of one's choices precludes the entire 3D corporate fiction game of limited liability. There is no fear of accountability for those willing to be harmless."

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