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27th September 2013

Aloha, good morning. i awoke, started heating water for tea, applied some YLO: 'Into the Future' in support of my transition of living space triggered 3 days ago by my landlords asking me to move out, (as they wish to repurpose the space for ohana (family) instead of having a renter), and am settling down here at the keyboard to share a metaphor which summarizes this morning's message from my crystal faeries family. My lucid dreaming went on quite long this morning as i was aware of many energetic activations in my light body being guided by the crystal faeries, while the conscious message is a continuation of yesterdays messages about ascension codes.

The local health food store previously offered in bulk two 'flavors' of seed mixes for the purpose of 'sprouting'. i bought both and mixed them together, the 'sandwich mix' and the 'salad mix', thus 'my mix'. Already there is an expression of free will based in discernment, that i perceive it to be appropriate to receive a broad spectrum of nourishment, and thus prefer the widest variety of sprouts in my diet, rather than focussing upon customizing to what perhaps might be a more convenient mix for a specific mode of food delivery. Thus a wholistic perception of the point of eating the sprouts, nourishing my body, rather than a culinary chef's perspective of how that nourishment is delivered.

Now that the water boiled, the chai is brewing...
Sprouting on Kaua'i's humid and wet trade-winds fed rainy side is a delicate balance to not encourage mold and mildew. I've developed a sprouting style of 'drown and drain'. With my tablespoon of seeds in a quart jar with screen lid, other than the initial day of full drowning to awaken the seeds, subsequent days they get drowned (fully submerged) for an hour or two to allow them to easily soak up as much water (filtered, of course) as they can, followed by draining in my dish draining rack at an angle to drain out as much water as possible, and let them then have hours of air to breathe, with minimum humidity and therefore minimum mold growth.

Each sprout has its own unique DNA pattern, and a predetermined destiny of what it is growing to express. The love and high vibrations i channel to them through my healing channels encourage the highest expression thereof, and facilitate switching on their highest codons for successful growth.
Say what?
All cells have two modes of existence. One is a stress / defense mode, and the other is growth mode. This applies likewise to the cells in our [mankind] bodies. When we are in stress, our cells enter a defense mode, codons switch, and the cells do what they can to defend their present existence. Ascension, a word for spiritual growth, requires different codons to be switched on in the DNA, and is supported by higher vibrations. Mold is nature's recycling process for cells that are no longer growing and are failing at defense.

With my Chai Tea (seasoned black tea) brewed, i added a dropper of Vanilla Extract, a grinding of my mixture of Himalayan Salt and local Hawaiian Sea Salt, sprinklings of powders of Ginger, Nutmeg and Cinnamon, a drizzle of local Honey, and a heaping teaspoon of Cacao powder, and once all stirred, a splash of CocoMilk. Call it Chai or Hot Chocolate, my mug of CocoChaicolate suits me fine.
So, back to sprouting...
if i harvest too soon, they don't reach their full potential, and if i wait too long the seed shells begin to rot, so there is an optimum time to eat the sprouts, given their destiny (my chosen purpose for them) is to be my food, rather than to be planted in soil in order to mature into full plants which would generate more seeds, another very important purpose i haven't had space for at my rented domicil.

Bringing the focus back to the DNA codons being energetically switched between the survival mode and the growth mode, the crystal faeries triggered me to express this metaphor for the 8D ascension codes they are bringing to me and installing in my body, very specifically in my case focussing upon my higher chakras (heart and head endocrine glands of Thymus, Thyroid, Pituitary, Pineal), and the overall ascension process even non-channellers are experiencing. In support of this overall shift of consciousness and reality, many of us are being triggered to make huge shifts in our lives... changes of domicil, friends, relationships, employment, and most of all, in our own energetics, and our self-relationship... how we see, perceive, and relate with our own concept of self.
'What am i sprouting to become?'
My DNA already encodes the focus of who i 'am' and therefore what i may optimally 'become', but i need to have the wisdom and discernment to flow with the opportunities offered to me by the environment and the seasons (drown and drain) and the astrological energetics, and even of the 8D ascension codes brought by the crystal faeries to those of us in the 8D ascension portal which now encompasses all of Kaua'i.

If it isn't already obvious from the above, let us focus attention upon the most fundamental choice we each need to be making at this time, that of discernment, sorting, setting boundaries, what to forgive and release, and what to embrace, encompass and integrate, which is switching us, or supporting us, in moving fully from any aspects of our lives which may have been of an old time-line of survival / defense, to a life which is wholly supportive of our being in growth mode. It is time for our truth to sprout, as we emerge from the seed-shell of our childhood and society, the initially both partially nourishing and yet also probably partially inappropriate toxic / challenging environment in which we initially emerged from our shells and began growing, emerging, to become who we truly are. Being our selves, regardless of what is the weather or the environment or anyone else's expectations, is the only thing which will succeed. Now is the time to embrace the 8D ascension codes, integrate them with our unique DNA, and with our unique purpose and intent, (which includes our all important free will choice), and discern via our all important feelings about all aspects of our reality, to find our true / genuine enthusiasm / excitement / motivation to sprout fully into the divine beings we truly are. But even the DNA coding in our bodies, with all its uniqueness, is only part of the equation, as our divine source essence and nature which is embodied and expressing through that embodiment is also unique and a direct expression of our free will choice.

OK, sipping more CocoChaiColate, i am now inspired to come full circle back to direct now channelling of crystal faeries collective consciousness messages about 8D ascension codes:
"The quantum energetics of the 8D ascension codes we are bringing via our 8D Ascension Portals may be thought of similar to the 'drown and drain', the providing of both the basic H2O pure water, and the basic 'air' of many gas molecules, each a primal component appropriate to the growth process, yet, in no way, are these 'ascension codes' deterministic of what you as an individual shall sprout to become. They may also be understood to be in support of growth, and to facilitate the release of any fear-based survival modes. This has been carefully and lovingly chosen by us as universally applicable, and therefore most appropriate as the energetics which we 'bring' via our 8D Ascension Portals. We reference that celeste has already described the difference between the group ascension portal, (of which the collective Kaua'i-wide ascension portal is our shining example), and the individual ascension portals focussed upon either an individual or a couple's ascension process as a pair."

Now we give our channel a break to refresh her body.

There is a mapping of time, related with astrological progressions, between the passage of a 'day' and the pattern of our 'life'. As we 'rewrite' our day pattern, we also rewrite our life pattern. Having extracted pretty much all useful lessons of the previous history of my life, it is appropriate to rewrite my life story, to change the patterns of my early morning (childhood), now in support of my present modality of channelling 8D angelic crystal faeries, rather than the banal and dysfunctional childhood of my parents. i have already, less than 7 days in, established a new pattern of lucid dreaming emerging into channelling and writing on my website, as the butterfly / fae emerges from the cocoon of caterpillar / [mankind].

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