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19th July 2017
[faeries 003]

Yawn... fae girl only slowly returns to being "in the world", (but not of it), having looped all night long Renee Janton's "In the Blue Room", which is enough in the nature of "native american" music, to deeply reconnect my dreamtime with my olde shamanic journeying trainings, that i am still coming out of my lucid dreaming even as i journal here now. As for the dream itself, it was about connecting with a number of people in a small town, clarifying some relationshps, and initiating cocreations with them, all symbolic, rather than a physically existing town. Since my focus is Kilauea in the context of Kaua'i, this is obviously about pre-setting intent for our upcoming new moon creations for the next year :-)

Faery blessings -- celeste

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