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17th August 2016
[2014-11-05-15.28.20 Faery with lyre and oil lamp sitting on sea cliffe]

Today we are contemplating the warm song of soul amidst the elements.

We feel the harmony of all life.

30+ days ago (one lunation) on 2016-07-18 we gave a day's notice before the
July 19 12:59HST Full Moon
that as of today's
(Wed) 2016-08-17 23:26 HST Sun (Leo) Opp (Aqu) Moon (Full Moon)
it is time for all corpseorations to have vacated Kaua'i, which is the planetary center of New-Gaia's abode of divine life.

One may volunteer to caretake a portion of the living goddess Gaia, but one may not "own" even a portion of her body, for slavery is illegal on this planet, therefore all "real-estate titles" are declared null and void ab initio, and be grateful that thou not be prosecuted for having fraudulently and criminally claimed ownership of any portion of another sentient being's body, soul, mind, or spirit.
This 'aina is declared restored to the divine plan.
So mote it be, and so it is.
-- I Am

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