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27th July 2013

A friend wrote: "So let us know how you are doing."

One answer is that i am doing awesomely well in ascension, and the other answer is i am reborn so the "i" you contemplate may be quite obsolete. i initiated a whole new level of ascension energetics for the planet, starting with Kaua'i and extending to a new energy grid for the Gaia when the rest of the planet is ready for it. i got really bored with the false ascension the annunaki were staging to their 4D holodeck recreation of 5D ascension, and even with the squabbles amongst the galactic races in 5D, so i negotiated an 8D creation with the 9D angelics bringing into the scene we ishnaans / crystal faeries from my original tomril universe before we came to this Galaxy, and as a result revamped my life and my website to focus on our new 8D energetics, which totally replaced all the traditional energy work i had been doing... :-)

Meanwhile I'm doing my best to remodel my apartment as a recording studio as I've taken up the flute as a right brained wholistic way of expressing other than the left-brained text.

For those who play with the assistance of tools in their meditations, sitting within a pyramid structure is helpful, the outline structure built with rods is as effective as a closed one, best aligned to 19.47 degrees East of North.

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