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24th October 2014

Completing the review process suggested by Mercurius Retrograde, extracting from observation and experience every lesson i can find, and forgiving and releasing all in love, allowing to pass into the past all that was and is, i open to receive and embrace all that is, arriving from future, to be in the highest appropriateness of positive synergy, in transcendent harmony, resonance, unity, of divine plan.

i feel graceful flow in all that i am being, deep peace in my soul, congruence and appropriateness. While my own reality of transcendence is unified in love, there are awarenesses of dualistic energies others play with. i find myself ready to facilitate, yet completely detached until invited to participate. When an invitation arrives, i seek to guide them directly to the 5D+ transcendent position, where none of the 4D- issues of duality even exist, whereas their own goals for requesting assistance may be much more a limited quick fix of limited scope. By contrast, those playing primarily in 5D+ realms, i can take a lot further a lot faster with greater ease and grace. There are so many variations of learning to live love.

i had the opportunity to assist a friend with her challenges with a new tablet computer, which happened to run Windows™8. Aside from the usual Windows™ problems, the tablet was effectively unshareable, as we could not both read the screen comfortably, and the GUI was at least twice slower than a traditional laptop screen and keyboard configuration. Just because everyone carried one in StarTrek™, doesn't mean tablets are ready for prime time... or at least, I'm going to stick with platforms that allow touch typing, on a full-sized keyboard.

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