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2nd October 2014

In the path of service to others, surrender to living the divine plan, (which is to what is aligned, all that is for the highest good for the most entities), the individual appropriateness may be delayed or limited, that a higher purpose, or priority manifestation, may prevail. In the great soul-school of incarnation, with the highest priority lesson being to live love, the successful closure of a relationship, especially a closure acknowledging incompatibility or inappropriateness, is as all closures, to be done in love, and therein is perhaps a challenging lesson, to come to peace with, neutrality about, and even love of, the other being, reality, choice, polarity of duality, and release them neutrally, to complete in neutrality, to achieve ho'oponopono. It takes the willingness and participation of each or every individual, to complete ho'oponopono, thus, the individual who insists upon remaining in denial, judgment or blame, delays the completion for all involved souls.

I've concluded that the only appropriate "stance" is love in all circumstances.

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