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25th September 2014

My enthusiasm is very Kilauea focussed! On with moving!
i was just sharing on the phone with a friend as we sighed together, a recognition of relaxing into acceptance of the flow of the world not necessarily keeping up with our enthusiasm, and that i have been integrating how acceptance of the flow as it is, has for me replaced my old pattern of "efforting more to push the river", with relaxing into peace and playfulness... for whenever it is time to get moving again on any project I'll always get clear guidance in the moment, as contrasting with old patterns of forseeing things clairvoyantly... and this difference of having to stay in the now moment, is a direct consequence of having moved consciousness up from where i used to "work" for many years, to the 8D collective consciousness level of my crystal faeries family.

The work of a gate-keeper of higher realms, calling down the heavens (kahea lani), is, well, today, leaving me tired, and retiring early. Faery blessings everyone... catch ya on the flip side.

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