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21st September 2014

As we progress through equinox and our present moon cycle wanes towards new moon, it is time to complete with old time-lines, complete shadow-work, complete forgiveness and release. The moon herself is becoming fully shadowed, from the lunar perspective the sun is occulted by Gaia, from Gaialy perspective sun and moon enter opposition. While we are advised to take none of the energetic expressions of others as being about us, yet we know that our noticing or attracting energies of or from others is a mirror, of the energies we hold within us, and therefore, of what we notice, of that which triggers our reactions or noticing, if transient is merely to be graced, yet if part of a pattern, is to be noticed as our own frequency being mirrored. If that be love and divinity, then we are in alignment, anything less implies time for more self love. The message "you'll just have to love yourself more" is not new, but is perhaps better stated as "you are love", or taking it to the next level of ownership: "I am love". In transcendence this is a state of being, not a doing, as it is often perceived in duality. In duality we can enter the illusion of a dichotomy between "giving" and "receiving", and layer that with judgment as to some illusory "value" of what is given or received, and then we can compound the illusion by accounting a balance between them, and then assign a value to that balance, and then justify that we therefore "deserve" more love, though of course, all of that "love" is obviously based in conditionality, and therefore is not real, and the entire game is a compensation for a lack of unconditional self love.

As I explicated recently the greatest challenge for most of us is clearing our subconscious of all the conditional programming which was given to us in the name of "love", which was anything but love. Sadly the adults programming children are often so deluded as to believe they are loving the children, and that what they do to them is for them. It is nothing less than attempted soul murder to (try to) control or define another with conditions. Whether it be via overt control or covert manipulation, the violation of anothers right of free will choice can only take them off of their own divine path of following their own soul guidance, and that can not possibly not hurt them, and therefore, is a karmic violation of them. Anyhow, the point is that this kind of debris is usually what is lurking in ones subconscious, to be "outed" in shadow work, and thus it's time for a good long look in the mirror to become honest about our own self judgment. Apply a liberal dose of forgiveness based in compassion, and get on with ascension into love.

Common Ground, Kilauea was my destination this morning, for a wonderful brunch in Kilauea's gentle energies, ( it probably helped that it was world peace day :-), and i was happily reassured i was on my appropriate time-line of hearts joy by being assigned order number "44", my life path number.

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