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19th September 2014

As a "Spiritual Warrior" living "The Four Agreements", my ego has found the greatest challenges with not taking individually the judgments of others. The basis of this has been the scientific belief in the outer world as "real", the inner as "fantasy", and the corresponding prioritization of left brain over right brain.
Left brain is the realm of linear time, cause and effect, logic, written words, and ego.
Right brain is the realm of timeless now, intent, intuition, images and sounds, and spirit.
My ego has experienced, particularly recently, a clear awareness that for it the greatest pull down from transcendent consciousness to 4D- duality, is receiving judgment from others via text, triggering ego taking it "individually". For most of us, we may shed such energies as water off the back of a turtle, until the energies resonate with an internal self judgment we believe.
This triggering is thus a blessing inspiring us to shadow work, releasing our own self judgment.
This triggering is thus a blessing inspiring us to communicate in music, voice and pictures versus text.
These general principles are not new, and are the basis for my counseling and teaching others via telephone and voice-chat rather than via e-mail or text-chat. i am contemplating correspondingly the possibility of an audio podcast in addition to my written blog, though presently my heart is more inspired to make progress in playing my flute with the overtones of Hathorian inspiration and sharing such recordings.

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