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2nd August 2014

i awoke to shredding noises as our cat was climbing the outside of the window screen, a behaviour which has happened a few times before, as she wants to be let in. So, what's up besides a sleepy fae?

'This is a time of transition for you. Let your journey be in grace with trust. Your heart is pure, and your path to be one of joy.'

Then why do my tears flow? With no comprehension of why i cry?

"You are (again) reborn, another quantum leap of ascension, beyond mental comprehension. Just know it is part of your intended ascension, and let it flow."

A journey to Kilauea to walk around and feel the energies brought confirmation of my remote sensing of greater peace and harmony, that there is still room for faeries and nature. i have been envisioning my ideal of a faery domicil, a glass geodesic dome in a tree, or a geodesic dome on the ground amidst a forest. More than natural geography, i seek conscious community, people with ascended consciousness. There is in my perception the possibility to live with a priority focus upon love and magickal manifestation, which values gentle sharing between beings, a foundational aloha awareness, where "namaste" and "aloha" are a sharing of soul unity.

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