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26th July 2014

What many of us share is that we are the first wave of ascension, and we have come to usher in New-Gaia of transcendent nonduality. It is time to remember that "you create your own reality by your actions, feelings, thoughts and intent". One only creates one's own reality in their own reality, or they cocreate reality with those with whom they've merged reality. Many of us doing lightwork have not been off in our own little happy bubbles enjoying New-Gaia in total separation from dualistic Old-Gaia. We hovered at the boundary in order to help people cross between. It was a choice we had made of self sacrifice for the benefit of all, sourced in love and directed by the Law of Universal Oneness, in order to share our New-Gaia with more souls. There are only 14 months to go to the completion of the 1st wave of ascension. Meanwhile, the transition between worlds, is a bumpy ride. As Kaua'ian kama'aina, here because my spiritual lineage traces back to Lemurian times, here to restore the Lemurian consciousness grid to pre-fall levels, All i know to do is to hold myself and Kaua'i in the highest vibrations, to usher in the reality of New-Gaia, and trust i shall be supported to continue my lightwork.

'Just stay in your joy and play.'

"You already know that you are provided for. Relax and enjoy the ride, even the bumps."

It is getting to be quite clear that one of my specialties is facilitating others to align with their authentic self, and celebrate being unique, different, and independently magnificient. Finding that authentic self burried under layers of programming or trauma, and then living it with unconditional self love, is the key to happiness and fulfillment. That is the basis for a functional and joyous relationship of any kind.

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