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25th July 2014

In pre-dawn gentleness, all is peace in my world, for all is peace inside me. It is a challenge even to write, for otherwise all is perfect and 'at rest'. i am in 5D New-Gaia reality, a wonderful 'state of consciousnes'. While i as an embodied crystal faery am focussed upon Kaua'is 8D Ascension Portal, and find it in perfection and calm, with a few entities coming and going via the portal network, i notice more activity in the rest of the network, where beings are actively blessing newly added spaces, with new portals they have added. The appropriateness of everyone being in harmony, supports grace and joy in activities, some of which are creating aspects of New-Gaia reality, yet many are focussed on assisting more entities to arrive and stabilize. Such is the view from my conscious awareness, as much as it reflects my higher self, tomril, and now i ask tomril to "channel" whatever aspects i have not fully integrated, if any.

'I would add the word "playful" to "grace and joy", to better convey our experience here, something we've come to feel is quite normal, and therefore may neglect to communicate for better comprehension by those not yet dwelling in 5D New-Gaia consciously. Many of 4D consciousness will be relating with the word "play" as an activity or as a "doing", whereas our realm much more supports in addition, playfullness as an attitude, a perspective, what would be called by the embodied a "lightness of heart".' -- tomril

"Our crystal faeries collective is more focussed upon our cocreations with 9D angelics as we integrate divine plan energies and intent into the akashics patterns we share via our portal network, as we 'fine-tune' activations to be harmonious for those entities in the first wave of ascension, and yet keep everyone 'stepping up' frequently to the next quantum level on the journey. Most in the 1st wave are well accustomed to being triggered to release an old time-line and embrace a new time-line frequently without attachment." -- crystalfaeries

After decades of practice as a clairvoyant, perhaps the greatest challenge i had was trusting in the flow of the now, with no warning of what is coming, as i was habituated to precognitive awareness. i had to release my focus upon and attachment to future. For most coming from 4D there seems to be more of a challenge to release attachment to their past, particularly relationships chosen in the past, which provided a sense of stability and identity. In 5D there is little stability, and yet much more appropriateness than 4D ever offered.

"It is perhaps relevant to comment upon the concept of 'identity'. In 5D realms we have a very integrated consciousness, and therefore a rather complete sense of identity with our total self. Yet as celeste has observed as she integrates lower with higher self, and self with spirit family, the perspective melds more into a 'we', as the focus is less on a separate self, and more on collective, yet without loss of the knowing of the self. For those still in 4D consciousness, the awareness is more of separation, and of desire for connectedness or relationship within separation, whereas in 5D we foundationally have a 'oneness' perspective."

'I equate that with the concept of losing ones "identity" while travelling in an automobile to identifying with the automobile, whereas the tomril celeste embodiment is always aware of the difference between the tomril spirit self, and its travels in the celeste body vehicle. The awareness of multiple incarnations by the spirit rather precludes getting lost in any one of those as self. "I" can shift focus between the ego consciousness and the higher self, simply two perspectives of viewing, without confusing them with each other, or thinking that the ego consciousness is the same as the body, but then, this also is perhaps the product of so many years of clairvoyance, being very aware of the differences between the "bodies": physical, emotional/astral, mental, and spiritual/aetheric.' -- tomril

In retrospect i can see how my path was guided all the way to prepare me for my present role in my mission of facilitation of ascension. Many choices were made to guarantee that i would be conscious as necessary on time. And now my conscious awareness is that this is a good point to end this session of channelling.

A joyous journey through Kilauea to Kalihiwai Beach today with a friend made for a wonderful shared lunch and communing with nature at the beach. Eventually, with hunger satisfied and a pleasant breeze with just a slight sprinkle to cool things off, i became inspired to assemble my flute and play. i was unaware of any melody or rhythm, as i allowed the channelling to flow. As i write this in the evening, I'm right back there in that flow, having time travelled to the energies again. One of the paradoxes i observed while there was staring out at the eastern horizon with my two eyes, realizing how far out the edge of our ascension portal was, versus the version i see in my 3rd eye which is zoomed out to more clearly see the whole portal. Clearly we were encompassing a lot of ocean, as well as our tiny island, so that our Cetacean friends could easily participate with the portal.

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