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2nd July 2014

Again this morning my journey from lucid dreaming to wakefulness was in turbulent awareness of dealing with 'friends' and our relating, and their resistance to my commitment to a 5D- life, their intent to pull me back into their 4D- lives, to continue to fulfill their dependence choice. This quantum leap is not the first time in my life, I've dealt with this issue, and is in fact, how i wound up moving to Hawai'i in the first place, and from O'ahu to Kaua'i, but this time there is no geographical change, just vibrational reality shift. The conscious friction is coming up in communications, e.g. telephone calls, wherein i am clearly holding our conversations to 5D reality, as they persist in attemting to share 4D issues with me. Yes! i do minister to people committed to making the 4D to 5D jump, but i shall no longer validate 4D reality as real for me, nor waste my time or energies helping them with their 4D issues, when the solution to all of them, not just the issue du jour, is to leap to 5D where none of those issues can exist. Is this perception accurate?

'Yes, continue to grieve, separate, and hold to 5D+.'

"While your own version of releasing 4D- and all relationships anchored there is only dealing with chosen friends who previously weren't so inappropriate, this is helping you experientially know the process, and have compassion for those whose entanglements are more deeply anchored in 'family', which is likely to be an issue for most of the people you will facilitate."

i am feeling very blessed with the opportunity to share learning and growth with a friend who's visiting for now. i feel comfortable and relaxed with her energies around :-) Thank you divine guidance for another unplanned blessing, which feels very much to be a 5D+ reality mirror.

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