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30th June 2014

G'mornin', whazzup?

'We are integrating another level of higher-self consciousness directly into your conscious awareness, which you were experiencing as lucid dreaming into wakefulness.'

"This is both an individual activation for you, and in synchrony with a scalar activation via our 8D portals, and in harmony with a planetary activation arriving from Ra (Sol), also affecting dualistic realms."

Sleepy fae allows her 2 eyes to close and looks with 3rd eye. As i look around our portal network I'm seeing this helping those who are choosing ascension to 5D+, and stratifying or separating us more from those who are anchored into 4D- reality. Just as within an individual, the lowest chakra with an 'issue' pulls the whole system of chakras down to the reality of that chakra issue, (a fall of consciousness), any group of entities is pulled down to the level of the reality of the lowest member, who is pulled down to the level of their lowest vibration issue. This then brings awareness of what i was describing yesterday to one whom i was facilitating, that we are being called to discernment that we only merge reality with those who share our choice of 5D+ ascension time-lines. We can be the only 5D+ consciousness in a gathering, but we have to carefully hold our energy boundaries (in the world but not of the world), and that's more work and takes conscious awareness, to not fall to the group's 4D- vibrations or perceptions. This brings up also the trichotomy between sympathy, empathy, and compassion.

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