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26th June 2014

i am only aware of gentle peaceful energies in the now, and my enthusiasm to play with music, creating and editing music, the universal language transcending wordy languages. i continue to focus on instrumentals, which are purely processed in right brain intuitive center, while all lyrics and words pull one into the left brain. Is there any conscious knowing helpful to me now about the initiations I've been receiving from the Hathors?

'You will only find it easier to spontaneously channel your flute playing, there is nothing to consciously know about it.'

"You are being supported to flow gracefully in all you do, whether it be music or ascension lightbody activations for others."

Is there any knowing about the overall process of ascension, or of our 8D portals network we can share with the people to help them?

"New-Gaia of 5D is quite stable and in alignment with the divine plan. While there is ever the latest turmoil of conflicting wills in 4D, that reality is 'stable' in its instability, as conflict is the natural consequence of the level of consciousness of beings failing to learn the lesson of contrast, that it is about them, never about 'other', so all the struggles to change anything which is 'outside self' is wasted energy of conflict, until they learn to mirror their preferences of duality back inside, or transcend the duality to unity consciousness."

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