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11th June 2014
[celeste:crystalfaery 2014-06-11]

i am sensing energies of expectations from those seeking to have me provide information or services for them in 'saviour' mode, which i already know is inappropriate. i cognize my internal tension attempting to deliver on those expectations, and yet also the clear knowing that is all inappropriate, thus i now meditate to release all the programming of my internal self expectations to meet others' expectations.

'Excellent noticing.'

"Stay in creator mode rather than reacting or responding, and all will flow appropriately for you."

"As we pass through the Full Moon tomorrow, there is a stronger anchoring of time-lines in the two families of time-lines, meaning that it is both easier to slide between time-lines of the same family, and harder to slide between time-line families. The relevant aspect of that for celeste to observe is the pending completion to another quantum level, of any dallying with those of the Armageddon family of time-lines, and of any dallying with those of duality. By the New Moon of June 26th you are complete with all but New-Gaia. While you will continue to honor all realities and time-lines which entities create for themselves as 'real for them', only the New-Gaia family of time-lines can be real for you, and it is time to stand 100% in your private sovereignty, in the now. You may put no further energies into the public versus private issue."

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