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8th June 2014

Today is the 19th anniversary of my arrival upon the Hawaiian islands. When i made my first step upon the 'aina, coming off the disembarking stairway from the airplane which carried me, i was instantly conscious that: "You will never leave the islands, though you may move between them." After 4 + 1/2 years on O'ahu, on the last day of August 1999, i was guided to move to Kaua'i, which i have cognized as my body's most harmonious energetic environment, or known locally as, "kama'aina", (of this land). i have cognized this as a return to the land of my past lives, when not only these mountain tops, but also land between them, was above water, the Lemurian realm of the original seeding of the Lemurian light grid of consciousness, making possible our consciousness now as '[mankind]'. In celebration of my commitment to Kaua'i as the planet's leading ascension portal, and having renounced any allegiance to the North American continent's corpse-orat-ocracy fictions, i feel totally in congruence expressing the crystal faeries group consciousness. Have we any perspectives on this from above?

'Releasing the history, the illusion of past, is essential to moving forward, therefore let today be one of completion, releasing not only your 19 years as "Hawaiian", but also any remnants of your pre-Hawaiian experiences, and the earlier body sharing with your brother's soul. Tomorrow we can further clear more past-life patterns.'

"Today is also a good time for you to cognize the blessings you have delivered to Kaua'i, via our 8D - 4D ascension portal, for while we have known 'it is all good', our focus on 5D+ densities where we are creating New-Gaia, has meant transcending 4D- realities, yet we have blessed them well."

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