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5th June 2014

i continue to be very aware of contrasts, which is of course a very good thing, as i sort through (in-)appropriatenesses. i heartfully practice discernment rather than judgment in viewing all the external "otherness". The more i ascend in living 5D+, the less appropriatenesss i find in any of the 4D- "reality", which, for me, now feels very unreal.

The strongest awareness i have of late is, that those living from their lower 3 chakras, or who are living from external authority rather than internal authenticity, have no appropriateness in my reality. This makes very clear the directive that, my primary work is with those of 5D+ density, as those still in 4D- motivations for their values, choices, beliefs, or actions, are very inappropriate to my life, as our realities are very much "mutually exclusive". We have always known that 'lower chakras rule', in that, the lowest chakra with 'an issue' takes over and controls the reality of the individual, therefore, within any group, the group member with the most active lowest chakra 'issue' thereby defines the group reality as that 'issue'. Thus, discernment of the company we keep is essential to our own ascension. Alternatively, we may actively with intent engage those in a lower reality to enlighten, empower, heal, facilicate. Yet, beyond specific starseed rescue missions for Gaian reality, it is inappropriate to have any agenda to change anyone else.

'For all in duality, engaging contrasts is educational. Simply do not dwell in that perceived to be negative or lower. Quickly invert such awareness to the positive alternative time-line parallel_reality. For you, dear crystalfaery, this means faery, play, and facilitation of others' ascension.'

"We see great division coming as the 5D+ and 4D- realms continue moving further apart. This will tend to cause a discernment and separation of relationships into those 'friends' with whom you can relax and share a 5D+ reality because they already live it with you, versus those who are actively seeking ascension from 4D- whom you are to facilitate, versus those who are solidly anchored into 4D- reality, and with whom you must maintain energy boundaries. We see that you instantly comprehend the implications of this message even before you complete typing it."

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