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2nd April 2014

If one can't control ones emotional state, then one must be addicted to some emotional state. To be "in love with another individual", is to be addicted to ones anticipation of the emotional state to which one is addicted.
Addiction is not just psychological, it is biochemical, because emotions themselves are biochemical.
Ones life will shift when we learn real love, and prioritize something more than our condition of addiction.
The pursuit of enlightenment requires overcoming addiction to lower vibrations.

i have noticed two primary flavors of emotional addiction; one where the individual is addicted to a specific emotion and keeps pursuing that which delivers the emotion, and the second where the individual is addicted to going on emotional 'roller coaster' rides, where the point is to stir changes of emotion rather than having a goal of a specific feeling.
I'm going to suggest that underneath both of these there must be some wound which is so intensely emotionally negative, that the overall emotional tone of the individual is repressed, numb, in order not to feel the avoided emotion (past trauma), which results in a general inability to enjoy the intensely positive emotions either. Thus they need unusually intense triggers in order to get them to feel.
i see another version, displacement, where certain emotional states are either required or prohibited by childhood programming, so that the individual must substitute one emotion for another as they cope. As an example, earlier in this body's history, the family 'demand' was that there be no crying, however, anger was allowed. This resulted in previously expressing anger as a substitute for actually feeling grief, which would tend to indicate that the parental aversion was to grief. In my case the healing was to separate from the family demand.

'For many years we have explored the delicate balance between denying an emotion instead of processing it to release, versus just quickly switching to a preferred state. We have long said that in each case simply intend self into emotional detachment, but be aware of patterns of either triggers or responses. Any one instance is no big deal to forgive and move on, but a pattern indicates an issue to heal.'

"Since the ascended state is one of balance and neutrality transcending all duality and dichotomy, we must achieve neutrality in the here and now to ascend, and that requires releasing all denied or otherwise held polarities within dichotomy, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We could restate this as you must fully heal to ascend, or ascending will fully heal you.
What is this ascension as we are describing it?
Full integration of higher and lower densities, the removal of 'the veil', full consciousness, therefore, full alignment between higher and lower selves. Feeling one's emotions, (and only one's own emotions), is essential to being functional as a [mankind]."

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