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3rd February 2014

"Our coming to this realm with tomril was based upon the percept of making a new start as beings chosing loving cocreation, leaving behind the space, energies, and entities of our realm, who had chosen conflict and destruction. The Milky Way Galaxy experienced similar history, and is still manifesting the light and dark polarities. Our reunion with our old realm has brought us to revisit what was, and alternative choices, alternative realities, another version of a new start. Ter-Ra's ascension now in progress towards 'Gaia' is another new start, another opportunity to synergize in loving cocreation. We feel it appropriate to share our percepts based upon our recent awareness of alternative new starts. It has been strongly in our awarenss the importance to fully release ones old reality, and come to neutrality about it, to be able to make a new start, a new reality. This can involve examining ones foundational precepts, to shift the entire reality, rather than just remodelling the old one a bit."

"By the nature of different densities, the 5D ascended reality of 'New-Gaia' is above the 4D densities of duality. This is the primary defining quality of the reality of 'New-Gaia', it is where we ascend ourselves above duality, dichotomy, into 5D oneness. That oneness already exists, so it is merely a matter of our aligning with it. Our ego is a construct of space-time, the dichotomous world of 4D. That 'self' is often our greatest attachment and illusion, the heaviest anchor weighing us down into 4D duality and dichotomy. All of the thinking of 'I' as separate from 'other' is 4D dualism. On the path of ascension, we must shift our thinking to 5D 'we', 'us', 'the one which is all'. The 5D 'I' is reassociated with the 'I AM' that is the one that is all that is each one."

"The group of tomril family who stayed behind in our original universe, had the opportunity to introspect into their own creation of destruction, and learn lessons of will within dichotomy within their own group. The group of tomril family who came with tomril to found ishnaa in the Milky Way Galaxy had intent for harmonious cocreation, but were then allowed the opportunity to extraspect the creation of destruction by other entities of this galaxy, learning lessons of will within dichotomy within this galaxy. Our recent family reunion via one of our 8D portals, and the resultant integration of dimensions, densities, and akashic records has afforded us the opportunity to compare and contrast notes, on what doesn't work and why, and what does work, and how. Unsurprisingly, the fundamental principles of existence and reality creation are consistent across creation, even if our stories differ on our paths of learning to master reality cocreation."

'The Hathors' state that we create change by hopping between time-lines.
The Hathors indicate that given our freedom of consciousness, there is no limit to the differences between parallel reality time-lines we may hop between, i.e. there is no limit to the size of miraculous change we may create, except our own consciousness, which brings celeste right back to the foundational concept of her earliest clairvoyant training, 'that we each create our reality by our choices', the more stable of which are known as 'beleifs' or 'beliefs'. What we learn from all of this is that you must have internal faith of sufficient strength and conviction to access a reality time-line, despite whatever evidence of manifest 'reality' may presently appear to your eyes, or "I'll see it once i beleive it."

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