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26th January 2014

It is 'interesting' that my bicycle performed its last two trips between my old and new apartments, and then while parked silently died, as if to say via the mirroring of my consciousness which is the creator of my reality, that in the old reality i rode a bicycle, in my new one that is not true.


Certainly there is the aspect of me which, being a high-heels and nylons girl, has been frustrated over the last 3.6 years, only being able to appear in public in bicycling garb, when my soul yearns to express my fancy faery essence. The bicycle was the only non-mark-of-the-beast solution for transport which was available in the neighborhood of my old apartment, where also two of my seemingly preferred alternative abodes for which i applied were denied, so clearly the preservation of what was, or minor modifications of it to preserve a similar scenario are, not flowing as the supported reality. Despite any change being challenging or even traumatic, still there is intent to hop time-lines unto such reality as more perfectly mirrors my own essence and preference, therefore as responsible creator of my own reality, as the "hopper of time-lines", i must accept responsibility for this creation, and ask of myself and reality, of my higherself tomril, and of my guides, my spiritual family the crystal faeries, 'There must be some alternative solution to my transport needs?'.
In re-opening choices around this 'matter', it is time to revisit the factor within this subject, which is also present in so many other 'areas' of life, that of complete independence, versus codependence. Codependence can be so codysfunctional, that i have previously avoided it as much as possible. Each new scenario, reality, situation, time, and time-line, may have alternate optimizations to offer us, so, while this is still quite an individual question pertaining to my own unique journey, it is weighing heavily upon my consciousness to arrange my new life to be more livable.

'With the attitude that whatever is leaving your reality is of an old time-line, and that whatever is arriving and present to face is of a new time-line, you have only your attachments and expectations to release. Therefore, focus upon the qualities of your essence important to your joy, and surrender the remainder of details to be rearranged in support of your essence, with no expectations of what reality will look like today. You are already aware that it is time to become more integrated into the society of Kaua'i, and thus the mirroring of Kaua'i society becoming more integrated into your individual life. It has long been obvious that dependencies, particularly for survival needs, are the root of most relationship dysfunction, therefore of most pain and suffering, yet the loneliness of full sovereign independence has not been a comfortable nor easy path of life. Allow new functional relatings to blossom, in lieu of avoiding feared negative possibilities.'

"While you have learned to live in trust and interdependence with your crystal faeries family, you are yet loathe to trust much outside our family. While we are much more with you in the celestial realms, you know that in the lower realms we are not much with you, there is no other crystal faery in your worldly life to share a hug with. You must now allow cocreations with your worldly friends in worldly matters.
We also remind you of the percept that you be clear in choosing your preferred time-line.
Release all need to be in control of either the process or outcome (building the house).
Allow yourself to release old 'solutions' and hop to the time-line reality where you are already enjoying living in the house of your essence.
Continue to release all, especially anything which you have associated with the illusion of 'security'. It is time to begin living the intended Gaia reality of love and oneness, to expect that as your reality with your circle of friends, even though the masses may not yet be on the same frequency. Explore new options with an open mind and heart."

"There is a comfortable energy flow and a graceful allowing. Centers refound stabilize balance and harmony. Relax."

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