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24th January 2014

Life (within 4D- duality) is all a balance of light and dark, good and bad, you must have both in balance. A related concept i had perceived some months prior was that Gaia is a soul school in a light and dark reality, which is maintained in approximate balance by its overseers, in order to keep each soul constantly at the choice point between

so that the soul develops "character", that which is necessary before claiming the unlimited powers of a creator god(dess), who nevertheless practices ahimsa, so that wielding their power remains harmless to others, respectful of their free-will choice over their own existence. This comes right back to one of the founding principles of my psychic training, that each individual's reality is "real" for them, and they have every right to their own unique beleif and choice-created reality, which is to be honored and respected, validated and allowed, up to the point where they choose to intrude upon your own rights to your own reality, whereupon the resolution is the creation of an energetic boundary separating them. Obviously there is another quantum level beyond the "good fences make good neighbors" paradigm, now more than ever, necessary to embrace, as we all ascend into a unification of consciousness and reality.

The first phase of this is awakening from the incarnation to unification with one's higher self and all of its other incarnations. The next is unification of consciousness with one's soul family, such as my being one of the crystal faeries, and the taking on of the group energies, and mission of the soul family, and the creation of reality, from and for, the family perspective. Beyond that are larger groupings to be harmonized.

Change forces shift of perspective, which produces shift of beleifs, which produces shift of reality.

What are the limits of reality?
If we're in a soul school overseen by those who weild power to define for us a roughly balanced light and dark reality, no matter how much we as individuals wish to create a light reality, one of love without suffering, we are doomed to failure at that goal, until we graduate from school and are unleashed in the realms of possiblitiles in a light realm, rather than remaining confined within our light and dark sandbox. Aside from the "veil" between the higher realms of freedom versus the more dense realms of fallen physicality, and aside from the shepherding of our reality by the overseers, what do we need to know or learn?
Very much more specifically, as "we" are entering the New (Golden) Age of Light (and Love), what are the actual possibilities for our New Gaia, versus our fantasies from which we construct such?

"Our perspective and perceptions, especially now that we've reunited the branches of our family, between a reality outside this galaxy and inside this galaxy, will therefore be a little broader than those of beings whose realm is more purely only that of the Milky Way Galaxy, only of the solar system Ra, or only of its tertiary planet Ter-Ra. We wish therefore to direct attention to the concept of a 'divine plan'.
To the extent that there have been multiple 'creator gods', each with their own 'divine plan' for their creations, then the maximum 'success' comes from aligning with the local 'divine plan'. It has been our observation that this is the case on a galactic scale. By bridging to this galaxy from being originally outside it, we are aware that there are differences between galaxies. We therefore suggest that the next quantum of relevant questioning must be:
'is there a divine plan of overarching nature which bridges all galaxies, and if so, what is its nature?'
It is simple enough to hypothecate 'plans' at every level of scope, but what levels of plans seem to be the defining ones affecting 'New Gaia'?
What is the nature of the 'divine plan' of the source of the creator gods who made galaxies?
We find these questions compelling, especially since we have been lately working with, our friend who is involved in healing the Atlantean Crystal network, a being whose existence and reality predates the creation of Galaxies, therefore we have been in quite a 'growth period' integrating all the new information we've been triggered to embrace. In this overarching 'reality' of transcendence beyond the limits of the Milky Way Galaxy, we have worked with our friend directly with several levels of bureaucracy within this Galaxy, but more importantly directly with 'source', and thus our experience of source intervention and agenda in our work is perhaps of scope limited to that which is relevant to our missions, yet remains a perspective transcendent above the mere galactic."

It seems relevant to introduce here a concept voiced by our Indigo friend of recent readings, that the transition to New Gaia will be gradual, as the old dark entities die off, and are unable to reincarnate on New Gaia, because they will be unable to find anywhere on New Gaia, a womb of sufficiently low vibrations in which to incarnate a new body. They will be able to find incarnations in other realities, but not on New Gaia. This then triggers 'me' to reiterate something I've said for years, that it is important for [mankind] to become more conscious about their practices of procreation. Those who 'accidentally' become pregnant as an 'unintended' (irresponsible) byproduct of lust, generally attract a low vibration soul of animal lust nature, reflecting the energies of their conception environment.
Careful attention to conscious spirituality, and a clear responsible intent to host an advanced soul, can attract a much higher being to incarnate in the baby body the parents create.

"The divine plan of source is that the essence of love and light be the foundation of all creation. That creation is therefore a reality transcendent above all duality. The 'fall' was from that divine realm and divine plan into duality, wherein balance is the peaceful 'at rest' state, (from which it's possible to access the higher reality), and any unbalance within duality, produces energy flow. This is of course the nature of all 'free energy' devices, including the one traditionally known as a 3D [mankind] body, or even our present 4D+ transitional [mankind] bodies. As you imbalance the yin and yang energies, you produce energy flow, within the realm of duality. This also is of source divine plan, as a way of restoring balance to the fallen realms of duality, until we ascend to the realms of non-duality, harmony, uni-verse (one-song). The one song of the ascended Gaia is simply that of love and light.
There is no 'illuminati' class of those who have the enlightenment of truth, while keeping the rest in the darkness of ignorant enslavement.
There is no 'us vs. them' warfare to keep the masses fighting each other, instead of uniting to 'just say no' to those who would rule over them.
We're all in this together, each a sovereign with no subjects.
Love is the way of light.
Light is the product of love.
Truth is love and light.
This is source's divine plan, for the good of all."

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