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6th December 2013

"There is a sense of play floating in the aethers today, which is, of course, that which we're facilitating. The lightness of humour is also permeating the space. As our channel just noted of her own environment, it is the time of the morning visit from our winged friends, the wonderful birds who sing so joyously, sharing their pretty songs with all about. All these higher frequencies delight our hearts, (literally, 'of light'). It is the light of love, the lightness of love, and the love of light, and silly joyful play, which we focus upon with our message du jour. It is these energies which are much shared, between the realities of fae and [mankind] children, and why children are more likely to have 'imaginary' friends, from the perspective of adults who have lost their way, and fallen into seriousness, and the 'realness' of only physicality. One's imagination is key to creativity, and we remind you that you are all creators. Due to 'the fall' and the enslavement of and government ( mind control ) of the people, to accept dull lives of service to materiality, and the submission to the directives of others, the masses have lost their imagination. The greatest loss of perspective, is that much of [mankind] has fallen into a belief that 'reality' is fixed, unchangeable, 'real', and most of all, is defined by, and created by and for, others. We addressed this in our recent message, where we suggested freeing one's self to be mutable, and to feel free to change reality around one's self, to fit one's mood.
Only one's imagination can sprout your wings to fly up out of negative perspective.
The one thing which can trap one forever, is waiting for someone else to rescue you.
May we suggest that you stop acting your age?
May we even suggest a re-examination of, the concept of 'age'?
Age may be considered a chronological count of how long you've been disconnected from the spontaneous flow of the moment. This is another way of saying that you grabbed onto a moment as real, and in so doing, stepped out of the flow of the now, where one is always 0 seconds old. Allow yourself to rebirth with each breath, so that you do not age. Now you can 'act your age', 0 seconds old, fresh and new, alive, spontaneous.
'How old are you?' 'Why don't you act your age?'
'I am reborn right now, and no thanks, i choose not to 'act', but instead, to authentically express my essence of the moment in the moment only for the moment.'
So, if you don't see the fae playing in your garden, then go to the playground and learn from the children. Build nice gardens around the playground. Create more public shared space which is not dedicated to commerce. And free yourself to giggle."

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