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1st December 2013

"You must just let it all go and trust."
Then I'm going to sleep now.
It was one of those nights where i awoke more tired than when i went to sleep. Now what?
"There is only the possibility of allowing miracles, yes?"
i am not allowing?
"Set your intent and hold your course with faith, despite all apparent obstacles. Do what you would do if there were no obstacles, to the extent you are able."
Having slept more to process in the astral realms, now what?
"There is only a loss of energy in your solar plexus from fighting demons. Just walk away from them and move on to your new time-line."
i went to sleep with intent to hop time-lines to the one where I'm already in my new abode. i sincerely wish to be through with the old time-line, with all process of change, and to simply already be in my new perfect time-line. What more must i do? If I'm still dealing with change process, there is a lesson in it. What is the lesson and how do i expedite it?
"You have to let go of all perfection, and of all other beings, and your relationships with them. Let it all be complete, neutral, blessed, forgiven, and released. Walk away from your history without attempting to perfect it. See yourself joyously in your new time-line, and keep focussed on that. "

i wish to share for the world a perception about the whole 'money' game. 'Getting' money is almost always a process of metering our infinite creativity down to a lesser amount, because we limit ourselves to only giving when we are being 'paid' or 'equally' exchanged, and thus every entity participating in the money system, is less creative, and less sharing, with the net result that everyone has less, and as times get tight, e.g. now as the international banksters are foreclosing upon the 4D- planet, the entire reality becomes very limited. The only solution is to cease metering and limiting and restricting what we give out of the belief in the illusion that we get more by giving less. Hello, do the math! If everyone gives less, how you gonna get more? The BEAST system is anti-life. Wakey wakey, people. Come out of Mammon.

The 2013-12-02 New Moon is likely to trigger a quantum separation of time-lines which have been held close together so that more souls could cross between them, but which are about to be allowed to 'snap' to their natural separation now, effectively closing the portal between them, meaning it will take a lot more energy to hop time-lines between the 4D reality and 5D Ascension time-line.

As i approach the end of my day, i ask my family of crystal faeries for any last message today?
"We are just letting things 'stew' for the next 7 hours or so until planetary alignments arrive."

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