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26th November 2013

i just awoke out of a lucid nightmare. It was completely foreign to me and my actual life, therefore it is a message about a parallel-reality that others are living, whether or not they recognize it as such. i was in a mom+pop grocery store in a big city (a place i will never be again), and i had arrived there via automobile, parked a couple blocks away (I bike, no auto), and i had selected a bag full of groceries, and the mom had rung them up at cash register, which was at a 'bar' like counter, while her hubby 'pop' was sitting on a stool next to me reading the newspaper and sipping coffee at their coffee bar. Such is the simple background for the core of the story... attempting to 'pay' for the groceries. i had some Federal Reserve Notes, but not enough for the total, which itself was amazing, like over $300 for the bag of groceries, but there was no surprise at that amount, rather, most of the value i was carrying in my wallet was in the form of 3rd party cheques (which i do not accept since i have no bank account to negotiate them through), which they didn't want to accept. So, they were hungry for the transaction, unwilling to suggest i put the goods back on the shelves, and i was not 'valueless', not 'broke', not a pauper, it's just that the 'value' others had attempted to 'pay' to me was not trustworthy to others like mom and pop here. i see this as a story summarizing the financial situation of THE UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED. i am aware that already the first STATE has passed a law stating that, U.S. Citizens are not allowed to barter with each other at flea markets, where one person sells a used good to another for cash. The State is requiring its residents to pay via cheques (since most don't have credit card merchant accounts). What's that about? The mark of the beast. The beast is the international criminal cabal of banks. The incorporated counties, states, and the "Federal" are all subservient to the Beast (the mammon system). The banks are the instrumentality of exerting totalitarian control and total surveillance over citizens. Their plan is that Eventually this will all be replaced by RFID Chip Implants, (in the forehead or wrist), rather than paper, and the entire system will not permit you to live unless you obey and submit. That is their plan, and it's nearly fully implemented already. i have been circumventing this via U.S. Postal Money Orders, which are actual monetary instruments instead of debt instruments.
'...and in the end times none shall be able to buy nor sell without the mark of the beast...'
Some of you may remember the consequent advice: 'come out of Mammon.'

Well, that felt like a good catharsis, what is our (crystal faeries) input?
"Let it all go. It's not our time-line. Have faith and retain focus in our time-line."
Why did i have this dream?
"As you summarized, you are catharting the remnants of the alternate time-line."

"The 'rest' of the current energy phase, which suggests a still contemplation of inner truth, can be felt as appropriate with a simple pause, or a cycle of breath. Many of you are feeling urgencies to accomplish, the traditional seasonal 'get it together' before the energies and weather become challenges. While there are yet physical world matters to attend, the delicate application of carefully directed and timed energies, guided by clear intution, can be far more powerful in manifesting, than a lot of struggle and effort franticly applied. This has been mentioned as a difference of reality time-lines, of a higher way of manifesting. It can get even more graceful, as you continue to replace paths of ego effort, with fully aligned time-line jumping. The difference is not only the lack of franticly futile thrashing, but that the time-line jumping itself requires a level of surrender and peace with the new time-line, to be in and of the new time-line, being at peace and calm, and allowing the time-line. If the attempt to hop time-lines is ego-motivated, or is 'done' via ego, rather than 'being' via essence, one will have difficulty 'anchoring into the feeling of the new time-line'."
I'm observing that as i flow... that my first priority is just to achieve total calm, peace, faith, trust, grace. Being in each moment is its own independent experience / reality, and releasing all cause-effect or means-to-an-end processes, i am finding that i am just being peace, not as in 'for the duration of a meditation', or, as a process to manifest something, but just for its own sake. i summarize it as a state of being, an acceptance and allowance, with trust in a positive outcome. That is for me the most noticeable change versus history. Or maybe it is the evidence beginning to appear as manifestation, that indeed i have anchored into my new time-line. There is no disturbance in the force now. i am reminded of an individuals' comment about my not being a citizen, 'but you have no protection', and my question as to 'what i would need protection from other than the government itself'? Not even that is of actual concern. To live in a world of peace, be peace. Don't pray for peace, pray peace. i am very deeply feeling and being the peace / rest which is present now, of which the crystal faeries just spoke. i contemplate the shifts I've observed in my energy healing work with others, from "healing towards normal", versus the newer energies of "faery blessing to thrive in heart's joy". It is so much more fun for me to facilitate thriving. Perhaps the biggest difference is the shift from clinical neutrality to only heal towards a neutral space of free will choice for the being to then use their free-will to choose what reality to thence create, to instead just introducing the vibrations of 8D crystal faeries, with a deep knowing of its nature of ahimsa, and yet also, the sense from experience, 'I bet this will feel better than anything else you've felt in a while!' Activating core essence vibrations seems to be a real winner, for everyone.

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