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22nd October 2013
[Faery 77881]

One of the subjects which i have been discussing with friends lately is that of 'guidance' and 'free will choice'. We have noticed a trend in the guidance we receive, to give very little warning relative to its applicable time, or to be lacking completely. i had commented about this, suggesting that such was evidence of actually being in free will choice. Many of our 'choices' were not really of free will. The were of either necessity or preference, not truly free. i am suggesting that once all necessity and karma are completed, then as creator god(dess), existing in an appropriate reality, there is no 'guidance', because everything is truly optional, is truly a new creation unrelated to anything else, that we are completely in free will.

i find that one of the characteristics of this situation may be described metaphorically, that rather than the metaphor of standing at a fork in the road choosing 'which path to take, left or right?', we might metaphorically ask, 'rather than continuing to enjoy this perfect day in a beautiful pathless meadow in a healthy wood, what else would i enjoy creating in addition?' In the latter case there is no need to even make a choice, no need to change anything at all. However, one has a sense of infinite possibilities. The alternatives are infinite. There is no guidance.

Since i have been commenting that i have experienced the surrendering of my life, a major portion of my will, into the purpose of cocreating with my crystal faeries family, and that we are in service to Kaua'i's 8D Ascension Portal, i am aware that that choice has already predestined many of the details of my life, therefore obviating many situations where choice or guidance would apply, i.e. that prioritization of a purpose pre-chooses my path. Simply operating in consciousness, in awareness of the priority purpose, makes many details of my life obvious, requiring very little thought or pondering, to arrive at clear action, 'what to do?'.

Another factor i have observed as more and more common amongst lightworkers, as time has progressed and we've come much into alignment with the time-line of ascension of New Gaia, is that our roles have shifted, from active roles of yang-ish doing, to more passive roles of yin-ish being. Serving our purpose of affecting 'reality', of participating in the cocreation of a shared collective, is more and more one of just being present. Just staying grounded in a body in the dimension its in, holding specific frequencies of being, is the lightwork of our best service now. That leaves many of us facing our habitual question of: 'What do i do next?', and we are maybe not yet comfortable with the new answer: 'Nothing.', or 'Anything.'. Thus our 'lesson du jour' is to release our habitual compulsion to do, and our expectation that there should be some gudiance as to what to do.

For myself, i am learning to be much less the 'healer', and much more to just pull out my bottle of 'Fae Play', spritz my aura, and enjoy the sense of magick and creativity which comes over me, to embrace the sense of playful frivolity, to celebrate life itself, to pull out my flute and play.

i am now discerning that what I'm conceptualizing this morning, is awareness of being anchored into a new time-line of reality. The time-line is not yet fully manifest 'as reality' externally, but it is my internal reality already. This feels now to me to be a confirmation of progress in the process of jumping time-lines. This is more a state of being it, rather than becoming it. This is a very very good sign :-) Because i have been guided to be very focussed in doing this, i am aware that other aspects of existence i am unfocussed upon, may be expressing very different 'realities'. Given that we're now in MercuryRx, i am also asking my habitual MercuryRx question: 'What do i need to complete / release?' Well, my tea should be brewed by now, I'll fetch it and settle in to channel the crystal faeries collective wisdom about these matters.

"What we would like to direct attention to is a concept which has been of great importance to you, celeste; authenticity. There is a large difference between relaxing into your own authentic truth and attempting to be or manifest something. Where is the source of a choice to manifest something? Is it a natural expression of self's essence? Or is it a mentally or emotionally driven intention? Effort is a sign of inauthentic creation, whereas authentic manifestation flows naturally, a self expression, essence mirroring itself via 'reality'. This is what you are noticing when you embrace 'Fae Play', that the energies bring you into alignment with authentic expression. In a sense, then, when you are in authentic expression, there is no choice, in the sense of free will choice, for essence expression is authentically only of its own truth."

Faery blessings -- celeste

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