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11th October 2013
[Faery Petting Dolphin]

"This opportunity is favorable to introduce another aspect of playfullness. We have brought to attention the concepts of play in creativity, and in relating with cocreativity between beings, in particular as relevant in [mankind] relating with each other, but now we would like to call to attention that playfulness is a favored manner of sharing between species, and that our gracious hostess planet is also a playful being."

"In developing your 'Fae Play' essence, you noted two factors, the first being that of coming into harmony with all that is, as was represented by a whole forest full of plants, and the second being the playful attitude of infinite magick, on the threshhold of all possibilities. We are bringing a focus of attention now, to an expansion of the first concept, that of being in harmony with all beings, beyond just being in harmony with all of the plant realm."

"We have noted vociferously the concept of 'Ahimsa' in relating, and how a natural consequence of that concept unfolds into the sense of all natural species being 'protected species'. Taking that to the next level is our focus here, that of developing the sense of 'playful friendship' with them. We are suggesting the key is 'light heartedness'."

"Now may we get on with cocreating a healthy and playful 'Garden Isle', where all natural species may play together? Particularly fond in our hearts is the joy of birdsongs, when our feathered friends all come to visit in the trees and bushes around us when the light is gentle during the beginning and ending of the day. The playful energies of nature enjoy an interwoven dance of fractal expression. Could it be that the relevant question is, 'what better facilitates more species playing together?'

"We would like to bring the focus to the light heartedness which we are seeing as foundational to playfulness. We would like to suggest that love is the true basis of light heartedness. How can we lightheartedly play without love in our hearts? If we are playing with expressing love as many ways as we can, how can we expand the inclusion zone of healthy play, to fill all of Kaua'i Sovereign Space?"

"For those of us who have experienced swimming with dolphins, and the energy fields which dolphins generate around themselves, who have shared energy with them in the wonderful natural environment of the open ocean, our common sharable environment, we needn't share many words, nor can many words fully convey, the wonder of the playful loving energies the dolphins share. We have attempted to capture and share this visually via the background image, of a faery flying while holding on to the dorsal fin of a dolphin, sharing the meeting of air and water, mind and emotion, wings and fins, loving hearts sharing aloha in a joyful and creative way, expressing the fractally recursive infinite whologram of source's life force. We, the other species of life, invite [mankind] to re-member, to again join, the patterns of divine healthy playful wholistic life. It is time to live with aloha in our hearts, for all of life. Won't you come join us in the dance of life? the play of innocence? the light of love? We are all the expression of the divine plan of source, and, like a huge jigsaw puzzle, the whole divine plan only works when each piece is the shape of their essence, so, won't you please be authentically who you truly are, without apology or explanation or permission or excuses? We can't really be playful if we aren't really being our authentic selves. If you're really being you, you're part of the divine plan, and it all fits together, organically. When you're really fitting in with your environment, you'll be smiling. When you're smiling, you'll be able to be playful. Shall we play at loving all of natural life?"

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