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2nd October 2013

On 2013-09-30 we channelled:"On an individual level, this is now manifesting in the strongest way with challenges of relationship." We are aware that for the next half year, such yin-yang, masculine-feminine, mars-venus issues are highlighted, as part of the overall trend of the reawakening of the goddess energies on our planet. We have above addressed more specifically the societal and global versions of this, but we would now like to address the individual versions. Specifically we would like to address two versions, one within each individual, and the other within a couple, and how those are interacting and cross-triggering. Since the outer is always but a mirror of the inner, our global issues are a reflection of the local societies, and the social issues are a reflection of the extant marriages, and the issues within relationship are a reflection of the balance within the individual.

The goddess must claim for herself her own authentic life based on her soul. But what she is often 'fighting' is her own internalized version of patriarchy, others' definitions of her life role, which must be cleared, to claim her authentic life. This of course comes in two flavors:

This is of course an overall process all of us are facing in our ascension journey... to let go of all the old habitual or societal patterns from the old time-line of competitive duality, to adopt a new habit of oneness thinking, oneness with our own higher self and its reality beyond this one incarnation, oneness with our neighbors on our lovely little planet, oneness with the Gaia of the time-line of peaceful synergistic cooperative cocreation and loving sharing.

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