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26th September 2013

This morning... ah, yes, forcing eyes open to read the time, it is morning... i stayed in lucid dream space longer with greater clarity and memory rather than forcing myself to conscious space to type directly, so this is more a summary now than a direct channelling. We were exploring the parameters and limits of our process here, and fine tuning. i am noticing that with some of the information i receive, i may directly and immediately make my own choices as a consequence of the information, and the reality immediately changes to the extent i have my own choice in it. To the extent i do so, the group may also change their choices, and likewise the portion of the reality they have choice over also shifts. There is to some extent an ability to 'seek' to a particular 'subject' or place in the stream of information, and yet for the most part, it is a channelling, a stream of flow which i am passively receiving in the sense of the 'what' it is, yet i am actively involved in the 'how' of the information... it is my process of 'translation' into words from pictures, as i have practiced for over a quarter century of clairvoyant 'reading', and as they are telling me actively now, ex-post facto as i describe this, this is why much of it is a flow from my perspective, in that, they are choosing the flow of 'what' to me, to ease the translation, i.e. that they are also doing a translation of the information from their realm and modality, into a stream targeted at my accurate seeing, from which i then translate to share with others. The flow may be altered to accomodate my questions for clarity, but for the most part it is a stream i just need to pass through as unfiltered as i can let it flow. We are also learning to 'pause' the stream more to accomodate my typing directly, rather than a stream of text which i then have to go back and less efficiently edit for typoes. So, because it is a live and interactive double translation, even as we fine-tune our interaction, it remains primarily a flow, rather than a random-access library of data. Reviewing the above they are confirming this is accurate enough to let be. So, today, this is a live edit directly of this webpage, rather than a streamed text file that then had to be very re-edited into this webpage :-) Yay, we are learning to adapt on both sides here.

i had an awareness of another adjustment we're making here. i have traditionally slept in 2.5 hour long segments, For my minimum body maintenance sleep i would do two cycles, for a total of 5 hours of sleep. Usually if i sleep a 3rd cycle, it is a lucid-dreaming cycle. The previous night i was lucid dreaming at the end of the 2nd cycle, and now i did so at the end of the first, i.e. i just did the time math and realized I've only had one cycle so far tonight, so my sleeping and dreaming cycles are being adjusted to accomodate greater information transfer. I'm being directed to return to sleep for further fine tuning.

Wow... lots of lucid dreaming space in which my energetics are being adjusted. As my experience was mostly of swirling energies with little comprehension, i can say little of the experience other than that I'm not feeling 'thoroughly rested' this morning. As i surfaced to consciousness, a question which appeared in my own mind, was curiosity about a terminology I've been using in my website rewrite to accomodate my new experiences with the crystal faeries: 'ascension codes'. So, rather than as before channelling in an extended lucid dreaming state, i am now settling into a conscious wakefulness and brewing tea, and asking the crystal faeries to describe.

So, this is more like my traditional clairvoyant reading trance than lucid dreaming. They are saying:
"yes, we have been installing ascension codes for you on an ongoing basis for about 7 weeks now, however our focus with these has been less of general support for ascension and more focussed upon harmonizing energetics for this channelling."

"A primary correlation between the term 'codes' and the energetic effects, are as you have suspected, related to your DNA, where certain energy 'signatures' are activating dormant DNA codons. Because all is energy / frequency, and the whole process you know as 'ascension' is about raising frequency, yes, the ascension 'codes' we are bringing to you are the triggering frequencies which activate the codons of higher frequencies so that your cells are able to hold within them the vibration of the higher realms. In this sense for each of you this is generally the pattern, however in your case we have been working very specifically on your brain and pineal and pituitary to quickly activate your ability to do this channelling, whereas in general our approach is more balanced for the whole body to be raised harmoniously. Especially as you observed about this just passed night, yes we were activating your pineal to better access our 8D frequency range so that you can channel more, with less sleep disturbance."

"As you already know, energies activate and deactivate different codons, so we are not dealing here with mutations of DNA, as the [mankind] genome already contains all the necessary structures to support ascended being, but instead with specific quantum frequencies which activate the dormant codons which support access to the higher frequency ranges. In this sense also, while we are operating from a primarily 8D perspective, the activations are progressive in order to be gentle, and are relatively 'universal' to all [mankind], rather than we crystal faeries have unique versions to install, or that our flavor of supporting ascension is uniquely different than other ascension energetics. What then, remains as perhaps unique, for you, is that we are working with you to enable you, celeste, to be able to directly do these activations for others, as a consequence of our activating you with an upgrade to your traditional work. You have already integrated much of our 8D patterns in your energy work, and we are continuing to activate your conscious access to our 8D patterns."

What further may be said of any uniqueness of the crystal faeries ascension codes?
"Only our unique energy 'signature', the energetic address of our group, our group consciousness and the primary frequencies we choose to manifest in the realms where we uniquely choose to play. You have already had a sense of this in your conceptualization of an energetic essence which you have named 'Fae Play', since you find our group to be rather uniquely playful in a manner compatible with your own energetics, not surprisingly as you are as an entity one of us. That others may 'tune into' our frequencies facilitates connection, communion, and shared play between us, and it is our unique playful approach which you have been emphasizing in your own life as an antidote to much of the relatively 'heavy' energetics work you have been doing during recent decades in support of uplifting [mankind] and Gaia."

i play with the entire line of Young Living™ essential oils, which i use as energetic references as one would do with radionics, though it is my own lightbody which is the 'radionics machine' i use to transmit the frequencies to others, primarily in my energy 'healing' work.
"In your having asked us to facilitate your development of the 'Fae Play' essence transmission, we are allowing it to blossom for you as your own awakening process blossoms, experiencing it within your own energetics and physical body, for a deep organic comprehension and experience of the energies, rather than as a recipe or formula of energy essences to be combined physically, for, as you are well aware and already deeply involved, the true Alchemy is sourced in the Alchemist."

As an introduction to flower essences, we refer to Ken Carlson's videos:

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