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1st January 1970
[Moon Phase]

The moon of Gaia is described as being "void-of-course" during the period of time from when it exits the orb, (angular range of influence, usually 3 to 5 degrees) of the last aspect, (quantums of angles) in the zodiac sign, (traditionally the 12 signs Aries - Pisces) it was traversing, until it enters either:

  1. the next zodiac sign:
    "There is a distinctive quality to the energy during a void-of-course Moon: Stores and restaurants are unusually quiet, judgment is impaired, and many people have a hard time making decisions. Business meetings can take a strange turn, and people find it difficult to work together as a group."
    [and yet, on the positive side, especially for us fair folk:]
    "Social events with friends can be giddy and intoxicatingly fun. Throw an impromptu party or a potluck dinner [...] Do not serve food that takes too much preparation [...] Then add an element of surprise with games [...] where you make up the [...] rules.
    -- Jenni Stone
  2. the orb of the next aspect in the next zodiac sign
    [This period from the orb of entering a new sign through the orb of entering a new aspect, is rather like still being half-way VOC -- celeste]

The astronomical details may be further illuminated, but for most people, the significance of VOC is that it is considered by many astrologers as a period of time during which there will be no significant influences, or it is ill advised to commit to any significant choice of will. Until such time as you've practiced your own sensitivities to these energetic influences while also tracking the VOC periods, you may easily find tables of VOC periods on the Whirled Why'd Web.

Faery blessings -- celeste

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