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1st September 1970
A process of releasing all definitions, value, meaning, attachments, expectations or goals associated with a 'self identity'. Once one has 'become one with the void' (undefined), one may clearly sense the current appropriateness of any energies, or realities. In the new sense of appropriateness one may then make supporting choices to manifest one's current intent, will, goals, and desires. While this can at times trigger deep changes of an entity's essence, mostly it is a transition of expression of that essence to a new focus. There can simultaneously be a physical body process of fasting and cleansing, which is in many circumstances actually more important because our fat cells hold our history, therefore, whatever emotions or energetics were present when we stored the fat, will resurface to be completed when we fast, cleanse, and rebirth.

There are others who associate 'rebirthing' as a process of deep breathing used to release 'birth trauma' of one's physical and emotional bodies, thus 'redoing' one's physical 'birth', but we are not associating that meaning here, which we would tend to label 'clearing birth trauma'.

There is another version, 'reborn' which refers to spiritual awakening, and a particular version of which has been overloaded with 'Christian' dogma, which we therefore call 'spiritual awakening', and is of the esoteric 'Christianity', versus the far more popular exoteric 'Christianity'.

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The end of a waning moon is the time of introverted introspection to forgive and release and be done with all that was, so that we reach the bottom of the exhale of the month-long old reality, and become one with the void, as we hold our lungs empty in the eternal now moment, we thereby allow any possible new miracle to arrive, as our higher-self delivers our future-self into now manifestation with the inhale of the new self, to be complete at the fullness of the lungs, held for another eternal now moment, while being one with all that is. At each new {second,breath,heartbeat,minute,hour,zodiac_sign,dawn,noon,even,night,day,week,month,year,age,aeon} we have the empowered opportunity to quantum-leap, (hop to a parallel reality time-line), as of the imminent new-moon. Once we are feeling clear and neutral, we may begin focusing upon our vision of utopia, as the energy to intend into the universe at new moon.

Faery blessings -- celeste

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