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1st June 1970

Lawfully Minted U.S. Silver Coins

Pre-1965 U.S. .900 fine silver coins were used as money until the mid-1960s, when "the U.S." diverged from lawful mandate and began counterfieting coins from base metals. U.S. dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollars dated prior to 1965 were minted of 90% silver + 10% copper. Large quantities in circulated condition are readily available. Common-date uncirculated coins are available but carry premiums over circulated coins. Numismatists (coin collectors) sometimes call circulated coins "junk coins" because they have no collector value. Although, in emergency, one could sell or trade one's silver coins at face value, (and in fact they lawfully define the value of a "U.S. Dollar"), the market now dominated and denominated in extremely devalued (inflated) Federal Reserve Notes is so diluted that it takes anywhere from 15 to 60 Federal Reserve Notes to purchase a lawful pre-1965 U.S. .900 fine Silver Dollar, even in circulated condition.


The following common circulating denominations contained silver up through 1964.
All were struck in an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper, so multiply the weights by 0.90 to get the content of pure silver.

Because U.S. Mints originally shipped 90% coins in $1,000 face value bags, today "a bag" refers to $1,000 in face value. A bag of dimes contains 10,000 coins; a bag of quarters 4,000 coins;and a bag of half-dollars 2,000 coins. However, pre-1965 U.S. coins are often sold in quantities smaller than $1,000 face value, e.g. they may be sold by weight, as e.g. a 1 Troy Pound bag of mixed coins, as is illustrated by the image to the right on this webpage.

[silver melt]

When calculating the floor price, (e.g. measured in FRNs), of "bulk silver", the coins are treated as raw metal, and valued only for the silver in them, ignoring any base metals the silver is mixed with, or which the silver clads. The value of lawfully minted coins is always higher than the bulk silver price for the reason that they are in convenient sizes for use in barter, (versus the 100 Oz. or 1000 Oz. Silver Bullion Bars which themselves carry a premium over the bulk silver rate), and are globally the most widely recognized form of silver which can be authenticated upon sight. This is true of even the most worn circulated coins, as long as the date can still be read. If they are either lightly circulated or uncirculated, they will have correspondingly higher numismatic values.
When minted, a $1,000 face value bag contained 723.4 Troy ounces of silver. Due to wear, however, a bag of circulated coins yields approximately 715 Troy ounces Ag. when refined; therefore, to calculate an accurate bulk silver "price" per Troy ounce, divide the cost by 715. A $1,000 face value bag weighs a little under 55 Avoirdupois pounds (of 16 Avoirdupois Oz.) on an English/American bathroom scale. Note that a Troy pound is 12 Troy ounces.

Silver Coins Details


Typically, a bag of 90% silver dimes consists mostly of Roosevelt dimes, with Mercury dimes making up the rest. Invariably, Mercury dimes (sometimes called Winged Head) show more wear than Roosevelt dimes due to the longer time they functioned as money. A bag of all Mercury dimes sells at a premium over a bag of circulated dimes.

Occasionally, a bag of dimes yields a few Barber coins. Rarely do the older Draped Bust (1796-1807), Capped Bust (1809-1837), or Seated Liberty (1837-1891) designs appear in circulated bags.


Bags of quarters contain mostly Washington type coins with a few Standing Liberty types and still fewer Barber types. Invariably, Standing Liberty and Barber coins will be quite worn, but sometimes a bag will contain a few of these older coins with readable dates. Rarely will a bag yield any Seated Liberty coins (1838-1891).


A bag of pre-1965 half-dollars normally contains equal amounts of Kennedy and Franklin types, with a smattering of Walking Liberty coins, and maybe a few Barber halves. Promotions, however, can cause one coin to rise in price relative to the other types. As with dimes and quarters, occasionally a Barber-designed half dollar will show up in a bag. Rarely will a bag contain the older Seated Liberty types (1839-1891).

Typically, half-dollars sell at higher prices than dimes and quarters. Orders for bags of all one type will boost the price still higher. Half-dollars carry a premium over dimes and quarters because fewer were minted and they are popular promotional pieces. Except for the Walking Liberty coins, half-dollars show less wear than do dimes and quarters.

Although a $1,000 face bag is a standard unit for circulated coins, smaller quantities, such as half bags ($500 face value), quarter bags ($250 face), and 1/10th bags ($100 face), are commonly sold.

Because of their small sizes, circulated 90% coins offer convenience in selling; they can be liquidated as full bags, as fractional bags, or a few coins at a time. Additionally, pre-1965 coins were minted to serve as a circulating medium, a job they did very well until the 1960s. For those investors who fear the dangers of our present fiat paper money, pre-1965 coins make an appropriate investment for these coins could again function as money.

U.S. Silver Dollars-Minted 1878-1904 and 1921-1935

U.S. silver dollars are the most widely collected coins in the world. Additionally, thousands of people who do not consider themselves coin collectors have invested in bags of silver dollars, and countless millions more have small quantities of silver dollars stuck away in drawers and Mason jars.

Nicknamed cartwheels, silver dollars carry two designs. The ones minted 1878-1904 and in 1921 are called Morgans, after George T. Morgan who designed them. Peace dollars, struck 1921-1935, were so named to commemorate the end of World War I.

Silver dollars fall into three groups:

Like dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, silver dollars were minted of an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper with each coin containing a net silver content of .77344 ounce; therefore, 1,000 coins contained 773.44 ounces of silver when minted. By contrast, $1,000 face value of pre-1965 U.S. silver dimes, quarters, or half-dollars contained 723.4 ounces of silver, a difference of fifty ounces.

Because of their rarity, pre-21 Morgans command higher prices than either the '21 Morgans or the Peace coins. Although quantities of both '21 Morgans and Peace dollars are readily available, the '21 Morgans sell at slightly higher prices than Peace Dollars of comparable grades. The premium '21 Morgans carries over Peace dollars will probably increase further due to the popularity of the Morgan design.

Silver dollars carry big premiums over the value of their silver content. The pre-'21 Morgans carry larger premiums than the '21 Morgans and the Peace dollars. Obviously, better grade coins have the biggest premiums.

[Silver Eagle]

One-ounce Silver Eagles were introduced in 1986. They are minted of .999 fine silver and carry a symbolic $1 face value, "officially" making them "Silver Dollars". However, in the precious metals industry, the term "Silver Dollar" denotes either the Morgan silver dollar or the Peace type silver dollar. Silver Eagles are dated and come in tubes of twenty coins, twenty-five tubes to a box. Backdated Silver Eagles (earlier year coins) usually sell at lower premiums than current year Silver Eagles.

Valuation: Exchange Rates between Currencies

For Sale / Purchase

For many years, my consulting rate was priced based on silver, with a floor of F.R.N.$ 2/minute exchange rate (before changing to Donation orientation).
[ NOTE: a DOLLAR is described in the 1792 US Coinage Acts as 371.25 grains of fine silver, or the equivalent of Gold. ]

[Silver Eagle] 1 Troy Oz. of 0.999 Fine Silver Eagle image for current exchange rate.

[0.5 troy pound bag of franklin half dollars] 1/2 Troy Pound Bag of Franklin Half Dollars - 40% Silver image for current exchange rate.

[1 troy lb bag us silver coins-0.90 silver] 1 Troy Pound Bag of US Silver Coins - 90% Silver image for current exchange rate.

American States and Nations (Trading) Bank -- Part One
by Anna von Reitz

Posted: 2016-11-02 19:56:46 UTC

The question has come at me from multiple sides for many weeks now - sometimes softly, and sometimes loudly, but the same question voiced in many different ways and even languages: "Our world is in trouble, because of crooks infesting and controlling the monetary system - what do we do about it?" Before i can deliver my answer, i have to cover some basics. First - Money versus Legal Tender
The world has used many forms of money, but central to the definition of "money", it has to have actual value as well as any symbolic value we attach to it. For example, the United States Silver Dollar (that is, our "United States", not THEIR look-alike sound-alike version) is defined as a weight of fine silver. That is the actual "value" of it - the weight and the purity of silver.

In addition, because people around the world trust Americans (not citizens of the United States) to deliver the actual weight of silver in the specified purity, the United States Silver Dollar has also acquired a certain amount of "non-tangible value".

Given a choice between our United States Silver Dollars and coin from other places, many people would still rather choose our coinage because it is known to be a quality product. That is what lawful money is - an actual specifically defined unitary measure of an asset (an ounce of fine silver for example) with a brand name (United States Silver Dollar, for example).

Money is a commodity like any other.

Our actual money, our real coinage, has to be issued by our land jurisdiction government because it is an actual asset, as opposed to being a legal fiction asset.

Lawful money is always a land asset and can only be issued by an actual land jurisdiction government - not a corpse-oration. That is, the body having authority to issue our actual money is the Continental Congress which is an unincorporated body politic composed of sworn Fiduciary Deputies from every state participating.

The United States Congress represents our states in some strictly delegated arenas of international jurisdiction - and it only controls "commerce" - not "trade".

Commerce is business conducted between incorporated entities - think GM, the Public Broadcasting System, and SEARS.

Trade is conducted between living people and unincorporated businesses - think me and you and the Mom and Pop Grocery Store and Brady and Sons, Lumber Company. The United States Congress as it is presently composed can only issue legal tender, that is, "commercial instruments" - such as bonds and letters of credit, as a result of its failure to operate with full commercial liability and its members' failure to act as sworn Fiduciary Deputies of their states.

From the beginning the members of Congress were enabled to operate in two roles - on the land as Fiduciary Deputies of their home states, and on the sea as Representatives of their home states overseeing the functions in international jurisdiction delegated to the federal government.

Over time they ceased to operate as Fiduciary Deputies (See the 19th Amendment to their "Constitution of the United States of America") and ever since have vacated the land jurisdiction side of their office, which is the Public Office. That inability or unwillingness on the part of the United States Congress to operate in Public Office explains why all the "quarters" and other coins have been altered and "redesigned" and had base metals added to them to make them separate and different from our actual money.

Even the coins have been adulterated and falsified and made to look like, but not actually be, our money. This is why no actual United States Silver Dollars have been issued since the 1920's and the reason that the rats had to contract to use legal tender "as" money. Their further agreement with the Federal Reserve Banks to rent the Fed's private bank script at interest was just more pure gross corruption, greed, and disregard for their duty to the American states and people - a simple siphon or "conduit exchange" used to double dip and unlawfully transfer our assets into their coffers, with the Federal Reserve Banks getting a nice cut of the proceeds. As landlords and sovereign entities and Protected Persons, we can fill our vacated Fiduciary Deputy offices and send our State Fiduciary Deputy Delegations to a Continental Congress in Philadelphia and they can lawfully issue United States Silver Dollars and take care of a great deal of the other long-overdue laundry list of work-to-be-done.

We simply need to get busy, organize, and do it. So yes, we already have lawful, asset-backed money and have always had lawful, asset-backed money in circulation and we still do have sufficient quantities of it in circulation worldwide.

We can trade on the new Chinese IEX system tomorrow.

In the meantime and in the same vein, we are enabled to operate under Article X of the actual Constitution and issue, for example, "American States Silver Dollars" using new designs for the mint imprints.

That is, even though all "United States Silver Dollars" are ours, there is nothing stopping us from issuing other forms of asset-backed coinage and currency so long as we are willing to operate under full commercial liability for the quality of our product.

"Full commercial liability" in this case means that when we promise that each coin is a specified amount and quality of metal, it has to meet that standard and be that product, or we are liable to pay the difference and whatever damages result.

If your intent is to deal honestly with other people, there is no reason to fear full commercial liability. So let's get back to the actual, factual United States and recognize these foreign corporate interlopers for what they are, before the entire world.

We are not responsible for what these British Subjects have done in Breach of Trust and commercial contract, nor are we responsible for what they have failed to do without our knowledge and consent.

The United States Congress now seated in Washington, DC is functioning in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea as an incorporated commercial entity composed of elected representatives - proxies, in other words; Not Fiduciary Deputies; Not able to issue lawful money.

Let me say it in another way, to make sure everyone understands it - actual lawful money, for example, our United States Silver Dollars, are issued by the land jurisdiction government, our Continental Congress, acting in international jurisdiction under Article X - the reserved powers of the "states and people" in that jurisdiction.

The United States Congress operating as a foreign corpse-oration can only issue legal tender - bonds, stocks, letters of credit, etc. That's why they have issued all this fiat money and contracted to use private bank scripts instead of lawful money. The Founders left them no other choice.

See this article and over 400 others on Anna's website[1]
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American States and Nations (Trading) Bank --- Part Two
By Anna Von Reitz

In Part One we discussed the difference between actual money, which must have actual value as a commodity in-and-of-itself and "legal tender"---- stocks, bonds, letters of credit, insurance indemnity receipts, etc.

We also discussed the fact that while the original members of Congress were enabled to act as either Fiduciary Deputies and convene a Continental Congress representing the land jurisdiction government under Article X (a public office), or, act as Representatives and convene a United States Congress to oversee the nineteen operations delegated to the federal government in international jurisdiction (a private corporate office), they in Breach of Trust ceased to operate the land jurisdiction office with the passage of the 19th Amendment to their corporate constitution called "The Constitution of the United States of America". Ever since then they have been obliged to operate on legal (fiction) tender and to issue look-alike but significantly altered coinage, because only lawful land jurisdiction governments can issue actual money. We also discussed the difference between "commerce" and "trade"---- commerce is business between incorporated entities, trade is business between unincorporated entities including actual people and unincorporated businesses --- and also unincorporated states operating as unincorporated body politics.

The American States and Nations (Trading) Bank is an unincorporated public bank operated for the benefit of actual people and unincorporated businesses and states. Just as all the banks you are familiar with "presume" that you are operating as a franchise of the federal corpse-oration and doing business as JOHN MAYNARD DOE, our American States and Nations Bank presumes that you are operating as an unincorporated free man or unincorporated business. Just as all the banks you are familiar with presume that you are depositing and transferring and holding private bank script called "Federal Reserve Notes" into and out of your accounts, American States and Nations Bank presumes that you are depositing, transferring, and holding lawful asset-backed money. After all, digits can represent anything and often do. Do the digits in your checking account stand for Federal Reserve Notes or United States Silver Dollars or United States Notes? Nobody really knows or is held accountable for what those digits represent until you "denominate" them.

You have a choice to act as a "United States Citizen" or a "citizen of the United States" or an American State National.

You can use legal tender or you can use lawful money. Since 1933 the banks have been assuming that everything coming into every account is Federal Reserve Notes.

They presume this because that is advantageous to them both in terms of controlling the accounts and in siphoning value out of them---- but you can choose to denominate funds however you choose.

This is the back side of the "dollar for dollar" exchange rate established by Congress in 1933. You can write a letter to the CEO of your bank and inform him/her that all funds being deposited, transferred within, or transferred out of your accounts is to be "denominated as lawful money"--- and in an atmosphere of bail-ins and seizures and bank closures,

i highly recommend that you do so and send your letter via Registered Mail with a Return Receipt Requested so that you have proof that you have fully informed the bank. This keeps the rats from seizing your assets under the false presumption that your assets are actually their assets---- their private script.

It also keeps them from seizing your accounts or executing liens against them under the false presumption that the accounts belong to a public franchise corpse-oration.

Or you can choose to do your business with a Trade Bank. A Trade Bank instead presumes that all accounts are deposits of lawful money, so you don't have to clarify your intent or denominate the nature of the contents of your accounts.

They also presume that all accounts are private accounts held by living people or unincorporated businesses. A commercial bank exists to serve entities involved in commerce --- transactions between incorporated entities, like General Foods buying a fleet of vehicles from Ford Motor Company. Such banks are all private corporate banks being used by the public. A Trade Bank exists to serve the needs of living people and small unincorporated businesses and associations. Such banks are public banks devoted to private use, but they are often described as a "Private Bank" because that's who uses them---- private people, private businesses, private institutions.

Please note that this can be confusing. People assume that the big privately owned commercial banks are public institutions, because they are regulated---- or supposed to be, by Congress and "State" governments.

In fact, because all these banks are corpse-orations operating as franchises of one or another federal corpse-orations, such as say, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, the only regulation they are under is the fox guarding the hen house kind. They are all heavily insured and none of them operate under full commercial liability for anything they do. Trade banks like American States and Nations Bank operate under full commercial liability.

They aren't eligible to be insured by FDIC because they are not franchises of the federal corpse-oration or any federated "State of State" organization. Whatever insurance they provide depositors is based first and foremost on their obligation to operate under full commercial liability.

They can't steal, give away, seize, confiscate, or otherwise mess with your assets on deposit because your assets are known to be private property, not the property of public franchises.

If they do, they and their owners and managers are all subject to criminal prosecution under Common Law and can lose every penny they have in addition to serving lengthy prison sentences.

This is radically different than the prospects for the corporate bank executives who can get away with murder--- financial murder, paper murder--- and skate away with all their own assets untouched. When you stop and think about it you will realize that they only reason to insure your deposits is that they can be lost, stolen, confiscated, or seized upon by the private incorporated banks and their own creditors----and they are not liable for this, because they aren't operating under full commercial liability.

They can plead bankruptcy and all sorts of other excuses and get away with it.

The only institution insuring your deposits is in fact another corpse-oration spawned by the same parent corpse-oration that operates all these banks as franchises in the first place.

So what do you have in actuality? When the parent company folds it takes down all its franchises with it, including the franchises supposedly insuring your deposits---- so you get cleaned out, insured or not.

It's just another scam to make you think that these banks are safe when in fact they are not dealing honestly or responsibly in the first place and are not accepting even the burden of the Prudent Man Standard, which requires the operators of a Trade Bank to demonstrate that they have acted as a prudent man would act in the discharge of their duty as your fiduciaries.

Although they pretend otherwise, all these incorporated banks are in fact "at your own risk service providers" that are providing banking services as franchises of the governmental services corpse-orations. The unincorporated Trade Banks are the only true public banks in the nation and they operate under Article X as lawful rather than legal institutions.

When you elect to live as an American State National you will need and want to use lawful money.

You will want the services of a Trade Bank---- but you will also have to identify your political status explicitly and you will also have to accept the realities of life and banking.

Yes, a tornado can tear a bank apart. Thieves can break in and steal.

A hacker can break in, too, and steal important transaction and ownership records.

Many, many things can happen and as a depositor with a Trade Bank you have to accept the fact that the men and women holding your private property in safekeeping are not God.

They can't guarantee against such eventualities.

All they can guarantee is their own good faith performance and due diligence as faithful fiduciaries. You also have to accept the fact that there is no insurance better than that--- at least not in this world.

The FDIC can't insure your deposits against itself.

As a final reality, you also have to accept that Trade Banks by their honest nature, have to be paid for providing honest services.

The big incorporated banks provide "free checking" and other services for free because they are making out like bandits using and abusing your "public assets".

They are being paid royally, via undisclosed predation. Trade banks do not engage in such practices, so must charge fees for their operating expenses, employee salaries, and overhead.

Trade banks are not in the business to make money and are organized as private international service organizations instead.

In an international setting, American Trade Banks operated under Article X are already enabled to participate in the new Chinese IEX systems, because they are already dealing with precious metals-backed currency and deposits of lawful asset-backed money.

All they need is help connecting to the new trading platforms physically and in terms of training personnel, etc., and their depositors will provide all the capitalization necessary. All those who have been worried about the lack of "United States" participation in these new BRICs Trading Platforms need only consider what the word "trade" implies, and the fact that the Federal Reserve Banks don't operate in trade, they operate in commerce.

American States and Nations Bank has been organized under Sovereign Letters Patent as an unincorporated International Organization --- a Trade Bank operated under Article X to serve as a "central bank" for the American States and Nations on the land jurisdiction of the United States, using lawful money, serving living people and unincorporated businesses and associations, including Jural Assemblies, the fifty unincorporated land jurisdiction states, and churches which have chosen to dissolve corporate affiliations.

Everyone needs to step back and look hard at the jurisdictional issues involved and ask—which "United States" are you talking about? The land jurisdiction government of the people, by the people, and for the people operated by American State Nationals? Well, then, that version of "United States" has always operated honestly and in good faith and uses very well-known international lawful money known as the United States Silver Dollar.

We may well get our Yankee Doodle up and issue either more United States Silver Dollars or issue American States Silver Dollars to avoid any further confusion of us and our lawful money with the British Subjects operating the United States of America, Inc., who have promulgated all this fraud and misrepresented their "Federal Reserve Notes" and other forms of legal tender such as "United States Notes" as "United States Dollars".

Please note that that is "United States Dollars" as opposed to "United States Silver Dollars". Take a look at all the new money products they are offering, especially the so-called Rainbow Notes which have been issued in the same exact colors as the fake money in a Monopoly Board Game set.

It appears that their arrogance, and in the end, their stupidity, knows no bounds. Such money is not money, because it has no intrinsic value in-and-of-itself.

It is at most "legal tender"---- [3]I.O.Us known as bonds, stock certificates, letters of credit, etc. that is being foisted off instead of money and hypothecated without consensually granted authority against the labor and other private and public assets of the American people.

The United States Congress as opposed to the United States in Congress Assembled has no ability to issue actual money and there is no hope to be had in wishing or expecting them or their central bank operated by the Federal Reserve to come forward and participate in new asset-backed monetary system.

They can't do it, for reasons explained in American States and Nations (Trade) Bank, Part I.

The American States and Nations Bank is a properly organized and ordained central trade bank, and with a little help, it can do all the things that the Federal Reserve cannot.
See this article and over 400 others on Anna's website here:[4]
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  1. PaulStramer.NET
  3. AnnaVonReitz.COM

[carrying value]

Until the New Bank Comes
By Anna Von Reitz

What can you do to help get through the transition safely and not have everything at risk in corporate banks?

1. There are IRA/401K options that allow you to buy gold and keep it at home or wherever else you like in your own keeping. Consider transferring your IRA/401K into physical gold and simply keeping it in a home safe.

2. Remember-- always-- that Postal Money Orders are backed by gold and are easily exchanged for any form of currency on the planet. A Postal Money Order is like the "cash of all cashes".

Unlike physical gold, a PMO is as easy to transport as any paper currency. And although it is totally fungible like a currency, you can-- if you wish-- restrict who can use it similar to a check, simply by filling out the information sections or not.

i have always liked Postal Money Orders and often use them for my own savings, even though there is a nominal fee to convert FRNs to PMOs. The gold-backing, the freedom from confiscation, the ease of transport and storage, and the universal ability to convert into local currency is well worth it.

But, but, but, BUT...... I hear some of you saying-- what about the interest i can accrue on my savings account in a commercial bank?

Considering that none of your PERSONAL accounts actually belong to you and that they are subject to confiscation by the bank at any time for any reason i would think that the danger posed to your savings as a whole would mitigate against leaving it for the taking in spite of the petty annual percentage of interest gained.

There is also this to be said-- the value of your savings kept as digits in a savings account is constantly being pilfered and eroded by inflation. Inflation is an unseen tax. At the same time as the value of your savings account in terms of buying power is being eroded, the value of asset-backed currency and gold and silver is increasing.

So if your savings is in a bank you are continuing to lose to inflation everything and more than what you gain as interest, plus the risk of being confiscated.

Whereas, if you go with a gold IRA/401K you don't gain interest in the conventional sense, but the value of the actual asset increases by whatever the rate of inflation is, plus whatever the gold market will bear.

And if you pay the fee to translate your paper "legal tender" into Postal Money Orders, the same is true. Instead of losing value to inflation, you gain value.

In both cases, your money is no longer in the clutches of a bank and made subject to confiscation as an account belonging to a US GOVERNMENT franchise PERSON.

Until ASAN banks are up and running in your state, using gold IRA/401Ks is admittedly not as convenient and you can't draw conventional credit from the asset.

Similarly, Postal Money Orders don't translate into debit or credit card accounts.

Convenience is lost. Safety is gained.
Interest is lost. Inflation is stopped and recouped.
The choices are there and they are up to you.

If you want the advantages of gold and the convenience of a credit card, there are options available in the world. I have recommended Karatbars for this purpose and anyone interested can investigate for themselves on the web. The conversion is steep, but if you want the advantages of gold and the convenience of fiat-- it may well be worth it to you.

i maintain my own savings apart from any banks (no, i don't keep it under my mattress) and keep only a running account for checking and credit card purposes in my private small business account.

Every year i send the bank CEO a little reminder letter that my private business account is exempt for tax purposes and that all funds deposited and transferred must be denominated as lawful money.

The banks are required to denominate your money as lawful money if you request that and doing so then forces them to recognize your account as a private account, creating an obligation on their part to set it aside from any confiscation of "public" accounts and-- whatever form of lawful money is deemed to be in your account-- they can no longer presume that you are voluntarily using the government's private FRN script and that that is what is represented by the digits in your accounts.

So i take that precaution, too, and recommend it to all of you who have small unincorporated businesses. It is to the bank's advantage to presume that you are operating as a PERSON and that your account is a PERSONAL account and not a private one-- left to their own, they will always make this presumption. It is up to you to rebut it and give them other directions.

Still, if the government sends jackboots to the bank and orders the confiscation of all accounts and safety deposit boxes-- and we now know that the government is run by thugs and operated by gangs of foreign commercial mercenaries kept in check by nothing more or less than public knowledge and opinion-- what's a local bank president supposed to do? Hire his own private army?

Bank Update

By Anna Von Reitz

30 May 2017 10:13 AM PDT

To understand what American States and Nations Bank is, you have to understand the difference between commerce and trade. Trade is business between unincorporated businesses and people. Commerce is business between incorporated businesses.

Of course, unincorporated businesses can do business with incorporated businesses in the realm of international trade. American state nationals naturally function on the land jurisdiction and participate in trade. They and their Mom and Pop businesses and even their larger more substantial private businesses all participate in trade. When they step across the state (national) border they engage in international trade. Strange to tell, when someone from Georgia sells a car to someone in Florida, they are engaged in international trade. This is because each state is a nation. When Porcupine and Sons, a local unincorporated family-owned sawmill in Three Pines, Georgia, sells a shipment of flat-sawn pine flooring to MacKenzie Restoration Design, Inc. located in Princeton, New Jersey, they are engaged in international trade. Me selling ten raspberry bushes to my next door neighbor? That is intra-state trade. Me selling the same ten raspberry bushes to someone in Oregon? That is international trade. (Why? Because each state is a nation.) My small unincorporated family business, Gallery of the Lakes, sells a painting to an incorporated business in Idaho? (International trade again — Unincorporated + Incorporated = international trade.) But, the moment that both parties incorporate their business, it becomes what? International commerce. And what does the “United States Congress” have control of? Ah! — interstate commerce, which because all states are nations, means what? International commerce. So how does the "federal government" get its nose into absolutely every little petty trade and sale and transaction and demand a pound of flesh out of it?

Almost at the moment you were born, they swooped in and forced your Mother (without anything like full-disclosure)-- to accept a "PERSON" for you, a federal corpse-oration franchise named after you: JOHN MARK DOE or ELISE ANN KRAUTMEYER or YOUR NAME. And from that moment on, you were "presumed" to be operating in "interstate (international) commerce" and held subject to the federal corpse-orations and federated states issuing that PERSON.

All this to give you an update on The American States and Nations Bank-- and all of it necessary for you to understand what The Bank is. It is an unincorporated private Trade Bank engaged in intra-state and international trade transactions.

Every one who has an account with ASAN has to be functioning as an unincorporated living man or woman or unincorporated business-- not as a "PERSON". That’s what makes it private and ensures that we are always operating in Trade, not Commerce.

Because unincorporated men and women own themselves and unincorporated businesses owe no obligation to any government for granting them a franchise, our accounts are private, too. What they call "personal accounts" at Wells Fargo? Remember that in Federalese the word "person" means "corpse-oration". Every penny you donate-- literally donate-- to the account of YOUR NAME ceases to be yours. It actually belongs to the federal corpse-oration that issued your PERSON way back when. That's why FDIC insures "YOUR" deposits. And that is why the IMF which bought all the PERSONS issued prior to 1980 can talk about seizing all the 401K and other savings accounts of these PERSONS.

All the accounts in all the so-called "commercial banks" belong to PERSONS and those PERSONS belong to government services corpse-orations as franchises. When the parent corpse-oration goes bankrupt-- guess what? All the PERSONS are sent into Chapter 11 or Chapter 7, too. Naturally, the bankruptcy trustees come in and seize control of all the PERSONAL assets in those savings accounts and safety deposit boxes, and the banks (that are actually behind all this crappola) stand there innocent as the flowers in May and say, "There's nothing we can do about it. It’s a government mandate." They will wait until they can close their doors and wipe out the checking "demand accounts" too. Let me repeat why. PERSONAL accounts don’t belong to you. They belong to a franchise corpse-oration named after you. In fact, the commercial banks are in deep collusion with the same foreign governmental services corpse-orations that foisted their PERSONS off onto you. They set up this whole system with malice-aforethought to get their hands in your pockets, enforce taxes on you, and lay false claims of collateral obligation against your private assets. They call this "hypothecation" of debt.

The IMF has been slavering after the retirement accounts of American pensioners for months, and has only been stopped because they are now identified as part of the problem and will be targeted if they attempt any such seizures of "PERSONAL" accounts. Enough about the problem. Now the update on the solution.

The solution is to return to honest banking. i know. Sounds like an oxymoron to me, too, but it can be done. The American States and Nations Bank is NOT a commercial bank. It doesn’t serve PERSONS. It serves people. It functions in trade, not [in] commerce. It is a sovereign state bank, not a "state of state" bank. It makes no claim of owning your accounts or what is deposited in those accounts. It doesn't loan your money out to anyone. Anything you deposit with American States and Nations Bank remains yours. Period. Nobody has any ability to waltz in and levy your accounts or steal your savings absent actual armed robbery. Likewise, we don’t deal in commercial paper.

We will be able to exchange different currencies for you like any bank, but we won't be carrying any "Notes" as digits on our books. We deal in assets and asset-backed currencies: actual, lawful money.

Those of you who saw the Harry Potter movies will remember when Harry went to Gringot’s Bank to get some money out of the cache his parents left him. He had to pass muster under the stern and beady gaze of a small goblin perched high behind an old-fashioned bookkeeping desk like Bob Cratchett, and Harry had to produce all the right information to access his vault. Even though ASAN will have state of the art abilities, it will be an old-fashioned, simple, safe, repository bank. It will use carriage accounting, charge flat fees for services, and will keep all your private information private. If you get a loan, it will be an actual loan. All the rules of the bank will be fully disclosed to all depositors and they won't fill ten volumes of microprint. Those Americans in each state who want the services of such a bank will be able to organize an ASAN bank. These banks will all be national banks because each state is a nation and each will be totally under local control, however, by choosing our template and joining our banking association and committing to our service and transparency and organizational guidelines all the member banks will be similar in the ways that count.

International Trade Bank? What?
By Anna Von Reitz
Posted: 01 Jul 2017 08:28 AM PDT

i think there has been a misunderstanding-- internationally-- about the United States of America vs. United States, and that confusion has led to a vast confusion about banking here, too. Please let me take a few minutes to go over the situation as it stands.

The international jurisdiction naturally belonging to the now-fifty sovereign organic states of the Union is split between two entities, the United States of America and the United States.

The United States is a corpse-oration that has nineteen delegated and enumerated powers that it exercises in behalf of the unincorporated United States of America.

All the remaining non-delegated powers in international jurisdiction, including the powers of private and unincorporated international trade, are retained by the states and the people and are exercised by the unincorporated United States of America.

The confusion that currently abounds arises because: (1) both the United States and the United States of America are often just referred to as the "United States" as if they were one in the same when they are not, and (2) this confusion has become even more pronounced because of the advent of a federal corpse-oration calling itself the United States of America, Inc.

Now you have the unincorporated United States of America, which is the doing business name of the organic states and people of this country, and at the same time, you have the United States, Inc. doing business in behalf of the unincorporated United States of America, and then, the United States, Inc. has its own franchise doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated.

Visualize it like this:
United States of America > United States, Inc. > United States of America, Inc.

This is understandably very confusing, but as you can see, the unincorporated United States of America owns the United States, Inc. which in turn owns the United States of America, Inc.

With this as a background then, the unincorporated United States of America has recently established an equally unincorporated International Trade Bank called The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN). This is the bank that the American states and people will use to trade with other nations that wish to trade in currencies backed by precious metals, and the currency we will use will be the old familiar American Silver Dollar.

The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) will naturally want to belong to the BRICS banking group and have access to the Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System (CIPS). The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) is chartered directly by the unincorporated United States of America, and is the private International Trade Bank equivalent of the commercial central banks.

Please note that because unincorporated businesses are legal fictions in the same way that corpse-orations are legal fictions, these entities can trade with each other.

Put another way, commercial banks can only engage in business transactions between corpse-orations, but unincorporated International Trade Banks can conduct business transactions between people, between unincorporated businesses, and between unincorporated businesses and corpse-orations. It's the link that has been missing in the world financial markets.

The fundamental difference between commercial banks and international trade banks is a matter of insurance and user groups. International Trade Banks have to be privately indemnified and function under complete commercial liability, while commercial banks enjoy limited liability in exchange for subjecting themselves to taxes, public reporting requirements, and statutory regulations.

International Trade Banks are the old-fashioned banks your grandparents knew. When you deposit money in an account with them, it is a completely private matter. No government can bail itself in or out using your deposits absent your consent. Levies on private bank accounts are unknown. A loan is a loan of actual substance, not digits written in a ledger.

As you can see, there are fundamental advantages to doing business with an International Trade Bank and if you are an honest man or small business concerned about the safety of your deposits and the honesty of your bankers, it makes perfect sense to do your business through International Trade Banks instead of commercial banks that aren't-- strictly speaking-- supposed to be providing direct consumer services to anyone who isn't knowingly and willingly functioning as a corpse-oration or officer of a corpse-oration.

International Trade Banks provide lawful private banking services that are truly private and secure, and which are privately insured, to people and unincorporated businesses. They provide the "communication channel" between unincorporated businesses and commercial corpse-orations. They receive and deposit lawful money-- that is, money that has intrinsic value, such as American Silver Dollars, and can also trade in actual money-backed certificates, such as the old Silver Certificates our grandparents used and Safe-Keeping Receipts (SKR's) that are used to trade and establish credit based on actual asset holdings.

We look forward to speaking with the BRICS alliance and to working with each one of the fifty States to open up state-level International Trade Banks. We know that the American people and small businesses are eager to have honest secure local banks available. Americans want access to the many advantages, services and business opportunities that are unique to International Trade Banks-- and with the advent of The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) the real America will be open for business with the rest of the world.

So that is what The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) is and where it fits in the grand scheme of things. It is a uniquely American bank and in the months to come we will be working in tandem with the Bank of Dene, the sovereign indigenous bank of the Athabascan people, as our federal interface. In this way the actual Constitution and the Law of the Land is preserved for new generations to come, undergirded with lawful money and honest banking.

The Meeting of the Grand Poobahs
By Anna Von Reitz
Posted: 09 Jul 2017 05:36 PM PDT

Immediately after the Revolutionary War each one of the new nation states began issuing money. Those that issued coinage of gold and silver fared all right, but struggled with supply. Those that issued paper "script" were almost immediately beset with counterfeiting problems.

It turns out that the British government (yes, this is after the end of the Revolutionary War) deliberately flooded the market with counterfeit script to "confound" the newly formed states' economies.

People started saying that things "weren't worth a Continental! (dollar)" as a result.

It was substantially because of this British counterfeiting fiasco, that the states delegated their right to issue money to a national authority-- their own land jurisdiction Congress.

After the so-called Civil War the British-based interlopers craftily substituted their own private corporate "Congress" and proceeded to substitute and counterfeit our currency for profit.

Lincoln issued "Green backs" instead of silver dollars, floated on the value of our labor (our backs) and 1040 Bonds-- so called because you could choose to redeem them after ten or forty years-- which were used to extract the value of our labor and put it in European pockets.

This same scheme morphed into the "1040 Form" which was enforced by the foreign, private Internal Revenue Service as a tax-- used to back U.S. Treasury Bonds, and later, IMF Bonds.

The ultimate counterfeit job was pulled off by the "Federal Reserve System" substituting their paper promises known as "Federal Reserve Notes" for our American Silver Dollars. The scam was so successful that even people in America called these pieces of paper "dollars".

There were numerous ways used to embezzle value from us.

First, the "Federal Reserve" paid only a few pennies to print the "Federal Reserve Notes", and received back the whole face value of the note, plus interest, for their trouble.

Hello? Read that part over again as many times as necessary until you truly understand it.

Second, via the Emergency Banking Act and other patently bogus legislation, the fake corporate "Congress" established in 1868, granted itself the right to "exchange" their Federal Reserve Notes for our actual American Silver Dollars on a "dollar for dollar" basis.

Hmmm..... since when does a "promise to pay" create an equitable exchange for actual silver? Especially when such an exchange is enforced on people without their consent by private, mostly foreign-owned corporations masquerading as their lawful government?

Using this patently bogus "legislation" as their excuse, the vermin emptied out Fort Knox right under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Army. Bill Clinton transported the last of it during his administration.

Third, the asset backing the "Federal Reserve Notes" was gradually, steadily downgraded-- first, FDR removed the gold backing, then Nixon removed the silver backing, then we bobbled along with the "Petrodollar" with oil backing the Federal Reserve Notes, until finally, in 2009, the "Federal Reserve System" was declared bankrupt.

The British and French controlled "U.S. Government" went right on printing "Federal Reserve Notes" backed by nothing at all. In fact, they stepped up production and printed as many of these "Federal Reserve Notes" as they humanly, possibly could. And they continued to encourage and promote the confusion between their I.O.U.s and our actual American Silver Dollars.

During the Obummer Administration actual "federal" printing presses and mint plates were exported out of this country to Thailand, France, and the Philippines, and over a trillion fake $100 bills were printed. Thankfully, not all of them got distributed, but many did-- truckloads and railroad cars full of them.

There were other problems showing up, too.

The British Finance Ministry finally jerked awake and made the public observance that something was wrong with the figures of total tonnage of world gold supplies. They had been informed that only 1500 tons of gold had ever been mined in the history of the world, and that's the basis they were using to peg gold values-- but that is obviously a gross underestimate even a grade school child would eventually detect, and finally the House of Lords did, too.

Oh, my. And then, all these "gold bonds" started showing up, trillions and trillions of dollars worth of old bonds, some of them actual, some of them counterfeits. Boxes and boxes of promises-to-pay made by various governments at various times to pay in gold, to pay in silver, to pay, pay, pay-- but of course, they never did. The various parties were overturned by war, or new administrations or new governmental services corporations took over and the bonds were never paid.

About the time that the Federal Reserve System was bankrupted, the Chinese jerked awake and got concerned about actual deposits of gold that the Nationalist Chinese government made to the New York Federal Reserve Bank in 1928.

The gold had been sitting there "on deposit" since 1928, and the Bilkers had never even paid the interest due on it.

The New York Fed refused to pay.

So through the good offices of Neil Keenan, the Chinese government brought suit in the U.S. District Court of New York and sued to have their deposit, or at least the interest due on their deposit, returned. That was 2011.

It is now six years later. The fraud and the counterfeiting is finally at an end, but with the effect that virtually all the world's currencies have been compromised and the lack of accurate records about precious metals supplies and other vital data has led to a situation in which "nobody knows the value of anything"-- quote unquote.

i heard that and i started laughing. It was a very strange sound under the circumstance. Everyone else present looked more somber than a gravestone in the pouring rain.

All i could think was-- "Isn't THAT the truth? People have never known the value of anything. How else could they value little pieces of metal above honor or love? Cherish pieces of paper above children or clean water or peace? LOL!"

The speaker might have added that the task of determining who owns what anymore is also largely beyond repair. The bankers and the Spooks and politicians got a little greedy on the side and sold gold and silver that didn't belong to them, and issued bonds against gold and silver that didn't belong to them, and traded gold and silver that didn't belong to them, so that the real ownership and interest in the vastly greater-than-ever-recorded stockpiles of gold and silver is largely unknown, too, and difficult to determine.

There are ten would-be owners for every coin and most of them have at least some credible evidence that can't be discounted without careful and honest investigation.

It turns out that beginning in the 1920's and especially after the Second World War, vast amounts of gold and silver and precious stones and art and everything else simply disappeared and got deposited in empty bunkers and bank vaults all over the world, creating a largely artificial scarcity of coinage and available money throughout the world. This underground stockpile of what stands for wealth in this world was kept on a so-called "off ledger" accounting system.

Just as the government had "budgeted" and "non-budgeted" income streams, the banks had "on ledger" and "off ledger" accounts. With the same results. Embezzlement. Fraud. Graft.

Back to the meeting of Grand Poobahs:

While everyone else sat there in a swelter of impending doom, i felt suddenly free and joyous, like a kid again. It felt like the aftermath of when my house burned down and all i had left was a rusty ax head.

"So," i recapped, "nobody can place an accurate value on anything, and the actual ownership of most of the world's wealth is in serious doubt. Am i getting this straight?"

Nods all around the table, averted eyes, even a few blushes. If you ever saw people who were "shame-faced" this was it.

"And yet," i continued, "everyone knows that all the peoples of the world and all the governments have assets and aren't really broke......"

It was a real Come to Jesus moment. Imagine waking up one morning and being told that you have a 150 years of dishonest bookkeeping to deal with?

And then being told that although you have almost unimaginable stockpiles of wealth, you can't spend any of it, because the ownership of everything is clouded.

Oh, and by the way, the entire world thinks that your government is responsible for the criminally insane corporations that have done all this. They think that "Federal Reserve Notes" are dollars. They are blaming you for this.

Yeah, right.

Okay, let's get this straight.

The unincorporated United States of America-- the actual American states and people-- have been the first and chief victims of these shysters. They did it to us, the same time they did it to everyone else.

Also for the record, our "dollar" is defined as fine silver and always has been and still is.

And now that you finally know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth-- we are indeed at a turning point of our planetary history. Why? Because in order to keep everyone on Earth afloat and fed and living, we have to give each other credit.

We have to admit that everyone, every single one of us, has value. We have skills. We have labor. We have natural resources. We have land. We have copyrights and patents. Each one of us and the whole Earth that we are heir to, is supremely valuable and in the end, these things are the only things of value that men trade, aside from our love and our respect.

So let's give each other that-- both love and respect, and then, let's give each other all the credit needed to flourish and thrive.

Now that i am a great-grandmother myself i look back on my own Grandma with new insight and understanding. i remember her looking at an immense pile of cow manure and shaking her head and saying, "It takes a lot of cow manure to grow a rose bush."

Yes, it does. It surely does.

This whole situation is a giant pile of manure caused by a large number of international criminals, but we can do with it what we will, limited only by our vision of a better world and our willingness to-- literally-- give each other credit, as individuals and as nations.

Stay calm, everybody. Stay focused on what is actually valuable-- your lives, your family, your homes, your food, your water, your work, your passions, your health, the people you love-- and take all the "symbols of value" with a grain of salt.

We've been trained to value the image instead of the fact, like dogs trained to salivate when they see a picture of dog food. This was done to defraud us of our time and our energy and our material wealth and to keep us on a hamster wheel.

This is the moment in time when you are truly free to consider what matters-- what is truly valuable-- and to act accordingly.

New Assignment For the GCR Committee
By Anna Von Reitz

Posted: 05 Sep 2017 06:30 AM PDT

Having reviewed the many known evils of basing our currency systems on the value of any standard commodity, we, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of every Municipal and Territorial Corporation and franchise on this planet, including the UN Corporation, request that the GCR Committee come up with a Starting Total Trade Value for all known traded commodities and all labor assets as of September 1, 2017. The purpose of this calculation is to provide a basis for issuance of a new global currency denominated as a tiny fraction of the Total Trade Value. This new currency based on our collective commodity and labor assets is being issued into a competitive free market and not intended to displace any viable national currency, but merely to offer an asset-based alternative to conventional asset-based currencies which in our opinion are too subject to manipulation, scarcity, inelasticity, exclusivity, and other ills.

Let us simply address the background for this request for the benefit of those uneducated in the subject.

Commodity markets (and commodity-based currencies) are subject to supply and demand, futures selling and trading, seasonal variations, hoarding, market speculation and manipulation, and insider trading. Money is itself a commodity, which competes in the global marketplace, and rises or falls dependent upon ephemeral factors such as "perceived value" and "public opinion" and attacks by counterfeiters.

Always, producers of a commodity enjoy very decided advantages over investors in commodities, as producers have a direct ability to influence supply, demand, price, and even future price offerings-- factors that consumers and non-producer investors cannot influence or profit from. This at the very least creates a severely tilted playing field.

Also, we note that whoever has the most of "the" standard commodity in an asset-based currency system enjoys an unparalleled advantage over all others doing business within that system. It doesn't matter if we are talking about Arabian oil or Chinese gold or American silver-- whoever owns the most of that particular commodity backing a particular currency has a decided and unfair and unassailable advantage in the marketplace.

We, Americans, (as opposed to United States Citizens with whom we are constantly confused) have always used silver as our preferred commodity to back our asset-based currency known as the United States Silver Dollar and we hereby announce our intention to continue to issue and use our traditional national silver-backed currency, however, we tire of the spectacle of what are essentially rigged storefronts and rigged markets that are designed to exclude people throughout the rest of the world who don't have gold or silver or oil in abundance from an equal participation in both trade and commerce.

Like all non-producing investors in specific commodities markets-- peas, soybeans, cotton, or whatever-- these people and their countries are crippled and dependent upon whatever winds of fortune blow upon commodities they don't possess-- gold, silver, platinum, oil, etc., and can't influence and which leave no options that include them as producers. That is, the absence of a world currency that takes into account all commodities and all labor resources means that producers of all other commodities aren't able to fully or safely participate in the world's currency markets, which then also cripples their participation in the global economy as a whole.

Our initiative is designed to provide everyone on Earth a safe haven and means of investment in a currency based on assets they and their country produce. The issuance of this new universal currency, called the True Value Dollar, TVM or TRU (trademarked by the unincorporated United States of America) marks the beginning of an open world economy and world market, one in which actual value is traded for actual value, and in which everyone is a producer unimpeded by any natural lack of any specific standard commodity such as oil, gold, silver, etc.

The True Value Dollar will be issued through licensed, regulated, and bonded cryptocurrency providers, as well as being made available through our international trade and commercial banks. We await the GCR Committee's findings and request that they carefully consider our position and our objections to returning to the same kind of corrupt 19th century commodity-backed currency system as our great-grandfathers left behind. We object to any such unmoderated system of single asset-backed currencies, not for any lack of silver or fear for our long-established currency, but because we already know the evils and limitations of such currency markets and have no need to learn the same lessons all over again.

These single asset-backed currencies and the markets dependent on them are patently unfair to over five billion people, and a full 1.2 billion of the world's poorest people are unable to thrive, compete, come to market, access banking services and have currency options that respect and reflect their status as producers.

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