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1st January 1970

Rose: A long-standing symbol of purity, promise, and beauty.
The Rose is known in aromatherapy and other energetic (healing) traditions as the highest vibration offered by the plant realm of Gaia, therefore is closer to the spirit realm.

The Rose is a symbol of significance in the tradition of Alchemy, which itself is, as with many traditions, known more by the masses as an exoteric practice of the physical realm (turn lead into gold), and is known by the ascending as an esoteric practice of the spiritual realm (ascension of the soul).

The Rose serves a variety of purposes as one of the "psychic tools" celeste utilizes, and derives from the Rosicrucian tradition, and is part of her teachings of clairvoyance. The Rose is a component of the "Rosy Cross", the primary symbol of the followers of the Rosy Cross, also known as the mystery school of Rosae Crucis, the Rosicrucians. As with all mystery schools of Gaia-an history, the name may have persisted across much time and change, but the nature and practice of any particular embodiment, (local school branch) may have changed greatly. Those who bother to study spiritual practices, are likely as seekers to pursue multiple traditions, and so there is across time cross-polination between them, and so we have seen integration of Masonic percepts into Rosicrucian beleifs. Any given practitioner of a mystery tradition likewise may change over time, and / or be influenced by other energies and / or entities to vary from tradition, and may therefore either refine or abandon ethical restraints on the exercise of intent. Perhaps the greatest challenge for any spiritual seeker is to sort through all the teachings, energies, and entities, to distill truth from corrupted reality.
i have long used as an example, that of the medical scalpel.
In the hands of a skilled surgeon, it may be used to save a life.
In the hands of a psychopathic maniac, it may be used to take a life.
Is the tool either good or evil? No. It's just a piece of stainless steel.
It is the wielder of the tool who creates effects of either harm or healing. So it is with all spiritual teachings, traditions, practices, and practitioners. All Magick is the product of focus and intent. The Rose is a tool of focus. The intent with which it is wielded determines the consequences. Let us explore various purposes / intents utilizing the Rose in clairvoyance:

Boundary Marker:
Around Aura:
We place 4 roses around our aura; front, right, back, left; stuck to the outer edge of our aura, moving with it as it shrinks or expands.
Around Space:
We place 4 roses around our space; North (Gaia), East (Air), South (Fire), West (Water); defining space. Notice this is an extremely simple version of "casting a circle" requiring no physical aspects.
In Space:
Place a rose half way between you and another entity, with intent that only passing through it to each party is that which is appropriate for them.
In Infinity/8 Loop Cord:
Place a rose at the center crossover zeropoint of the loops with intent that only passing through it to each party is that which is appropriate for them.
"Blowing(-Up) Roses:
Place a form of energy into the rose, then blow it up (destroy it), to transmute the energy's form, from whatever form it was, back to neutral source energy, to be recyled (returned) to its source(s).

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